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Hey there! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Recently I’ve been slightly struggling with what to post (so if you have any ideas what I should post, let me know I the comments!) I would greatly appreciate ideas 😀 I promise some new posts are coming soon! Today, I am doing the ‘get to know me tag’ and I was tagged by the wonderful Beth! Thank u so much for tagging me! It gives me something to post lolol!

Okayyyyy onto the tag!!!!


Question 1: Where were you born?
‘Merica!!!! Yep, I was born in the USA and I like it for the most part 😁 I’ve never left the USA but I definitely want to go exploring other countries and continents when I’m older!

Question 2: What is your biggest fear?   Ok, so this is really weird but I’m so terrified of…….. wait for it………………………CHICKENS! I have no clue why, except once when I was around 6 years old a chicken pecked me when I was trying to get eggs and ever since I’ve been terrified. Chickens have beady eyes and they cluck and you can’t predict their next move and so yeah. Idk but I am terrified of chickens. Also clowns freak me out ever since “it”came out 😂

question3: What is your favourite social media?
Well I don’t have any social media yet except for Pinterest but Pinterest is definitely one of my favs. I love getting ideas for my bullet journal, art ideas and outfit and picture inspo!!!

 Question 4: What is my favorite TV show?
I don’t watch tv much, we don’t actually have a tv in our house, just a DVD player but I really enjoy “Full house”. It’s a classic and yeah, it’s fun 😁

Question 5: Do you have a catch phrase you say often?
Hmmmm I can’t remember what I always say now 😂 I always ask my friends ‘how’s life?’ If there’s an awkward silence or we’re just standing there and I also say ‘so yeah’ at the end of all my sentences 😂 

I tag:

That is all for Today! Thank you so much for reading! Keep ur eye out for a new post coming soon! Do u have any plans for new year’s eve? I can’t believe that 2020 is already here but I’m so excited, Let’s make 2020 our year!!!!

xx, Jasmin ❤


I'm a teen lifestyle blogger who thrives to live life to the fullest and loves to pen-pal, journal and just have fun 💛

17 thoughts on “Get to know me tag *dances happily*”

  1. I love these types of posts! I always think to myself when I read a new blog “who is this person, who are they inside?” – so it’s nice to get the basics from posts like this one and keep on learning about the person through reading between the lines. And don’t even get me started on Pinterest, it is heaven when it comes to gathering inspiration and creating your own ideas based off of that! xx

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  2. I say how’s life a lot in silences too but some people think it’s really deep & I’m like it’s not meant to be deep I’m just giving you an open ended question 😂

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  3. Hey! Such a lovely post to read. Let me try remember everything I wanted to say 😅

    What countries do you wanna explore the most?

    I saw IT recently for the first time and I was really disappointed in how unscary it was. But I can understand why the clowns freak you out – some other horror films have managed to make me go skkdkakz when the clowns come out.

    And I love Pinterest too!

    Considering it’s gonna be the New Year soon, perhaps you could do your thoughts on the past decade or a year wrap up or hopes for 2020? Maybe a creative piece? If you wanna collab or something, feel free to reach out!

    Hope you have a lovely New Year’s Eve and since it’s gonna be 2020 for me in literally 10 minutes… HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR FROM THE UK

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    1. Ok so I think I’m replying to this comment later than 10 minutes so first off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I really want to explore all the countries and places-they all look AMAZING. Italy, England, Paris, Sweden, Australia, Iceland, u name it! My parents are quite strict about what I can watch so I’ve never actually watched IT but I watched the trailer and ever since then, clowns are a no-go for me 😂 Pinterest is amazing right?!? Those are good ideas!! Which kind of post would u rather see: my 2020 bullet journal set up or I read 150 books in 2019: here are my favs? A collab would be super cool!!! We should def try and do one soon! Email me! Back at u, hope ur 2020 is amazing xx 💕💕


      1. Thank you! The fireworks were crazy here xD Wow – that’s quite a list! And what draws you towards these one in particular? Are you planning to take a few years out in your life to travel, or mixing travel in via holidays? Aw bless – I found that clown craze kinda scary where people went out with the intention of scaring people. Girrrrl! I would love to see both cause a) BULLET JOURNAL RELATED ISH are just goals and I love love love it!! It gives inspiration and also it’s just so soothing to like read, look and admire others creativeness! b) I’m such a bookworm but lately cause of life haven’t been reading much but I’m setting myself a goal of 50 books this year! So it’d be super cool to see what your fav reads were (oh my god – perhaps we can try read the same books a few times, like be book buddies idk haha) I shall now come annoy you in your emails! xx

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      2. Aww yay that’s good!!! We just did some small ones and sparkle let’s but they were still cool!! Yeah, I wish I could travel everywhere but ummmm money is an issue 😂 Mainly the pictures I’ve seen? Greece and Italy look so peaceful and just beautiful! My bff and I made a pact that if we haven’t found husbands by The time we’re 30 we will travel the world together lol 😂 YES IKR?!?! I did not like clowns even more when they started doing that! Eeeekkkk ok!!! Maybe I’ll try and do both! My goal this year is 50 too! Yes that would be so fun! What kind of books do u enjoy? Ok sounds like a plan xx 💕

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      3. Ooooh sounds exciting! Yeah, money, money, money…yikes always an issue for the dreamers and adventurous ones. Aw okay that’s so sweet. Me and my bestie have a similar one where we live together and annoy each other 24/7! YAY! We got similar book goalssss. I love crime, mystery, thriller books the most. Sometimes read historical ones, rarely sci-fi or fantasy – it’s got to hook me in from the first page. Wbu xx

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      4. Yep! 😊 ik! Awww that sounds so fun! Rn I’m reading ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ and it’s not that good yet :/ kinda sad but it’s for school so I’m pushing thru! I like historical fiction about the Nazis etc. and real life stuff idk?!? I like when a book hooks me on the first page too! Xx


  4. This post was so interesting to read, glad you enjoyed writing it. We have extremely elderly next door neighbours so we spend our new years eve at there’s so they are not sitting in alone. Do you have any plans for new years eve? xx

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