January 2020. *claps excitedly*

Hey guys! How have u been? I can NOT believe January (aka the first month of 2020) is almost over?! Like how?! It seems like it flew by but also like time passed sooooooo slowly xD. 2020 is now 1/12 of the way over *wipes away tears* Just kidding, but it’s sad how quickly the years go by as you get older and I’m not even THAT old yet 😀 January was a good month for me, getting back in the groove of school ( ughhhh, more on that later), Trying to keep up in my goals and resolutions and just living life has kept me busy!

Things that happened in January:

Went to a Hotel with some good friends for their birthdays and it was a BLAST. I had so so much fun ahhhhh it was amazing :))

Drank lots of tea, like I mean LOTS. My mom got me 60 packs of pomegranate pizzaz tea for Christmas and so far I’ve only made a small dent in the pile of tea bags but I’ve drank a good 20 cups xD

Found out what my Mom is having! Little backstory, we found out my Mom was pregnant in November and she’s due at the end of May! This is the last kid she wants to have (6 is a lot xD) and it’ll make us a family of 8, including our parents and the new baby!! So any who, we found out what she’s having!! Can u guess? Ok, enough suspense… My mom is having a:




BOY!!!!!!!!! Yay! I’m excited but I didn’t realize how much I wanted a girl until she told us 😂 Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super excited but baby girls wear dresses and bows in their hair annnddddd their just sooo cute but I’M EXCITED! My little sister REALLY wanted a girl and when she found out it was a boy she cried for a good 10 minutes 😂 Now she’s warmed up to the idea and she can’t wait to hold her baby brother!

We got our first real snow of the winter and the first snow of the year! We ended up getting about 3 inches over about 4 days, but we were excited and extremely thankful for the snow we got bc none of our friends in town got much snow 😦 We went sledding and snowmobiling (until the snow mobile broke:(() and enjoyed the cold weather. Now we’re back to 47 degrees with rain and cloudy skies 😦

Found a lot of good memes xD. I’m in a group chat with like 15 ppl from my co-op and basically all we do it send memes 😂 So every once in a while I have to go on Pinterest and stock up haha, its fun tho xD

Started school again. I’m now in second semester and the work load is pretty light as I’m just starting a couple new subjects! My two new subjects are economy and Drama, and I’m enjoying both of them so far! For Drama we’re reading The Taming of The Shrew which is by Shakespeare. At first I wasn’t really excited but I’m so far really enjoying it, My teacher is reading us the play and its in English and not all Shakespeare-y and then later in the year we’re gonna tackle the actual play, wish me luck lol 😂 For economics, we’re playing a game in market watch and investing in stock with fake money ( it’s a simulation) but yeah, I’m in first place out of my class so that’s exciting! Later this semester we’re doing an experiment where we find jobs we might like to do and places we would like to rent and basically we calculate how much it would cost for us to live when we’re 23 years old! I’m excited for that project, it sounds fun!

Had a mental break down in the mall. Whew that was fun. But life ain’t all sunshine’s and rainbows kids xD I’ll spare u the deets but basically I’m self conscious about how I look and it’s hard shopping in stores where everything/a lot of things are made to fit a certain body type and that’s not ur body type. Love urself guys, it’s important.

I signed up for a softball team! Now just crossing my fingers there’s enough girls to make a team for my age bracket. One of the perks of playing on this team is my sister gets to play with me and so do two of my awesome friends so we’re all super excited!

got in a fight with a friend, didn’t talk for a while and then I called and apologized. I feel like I put 80% of the effort in that friendship tho so it’s tough. I don’t want to be petty but friendship is a two way road. I still love u if ur reading this 😂❤️

ate a TON of good food. Food is actually life. Like without it we would die. And it’s a huge plus when that food is delicious.

Did quite a bit of baking. I made mini chocolate chip scones, egg muffins and fried cheese sticks. Yum :)) Would u guys like to see a recipe post? I need to get into baking more, it’s so cool to be able to make something that makes ppl happy 😂👌

read quite a few books, my goal for the year is 50 and I’m already 1/5 of the way there but it’s fineeee. I’ve been enjoying my books 🙂

blogged pretty consistently. I mean, I kinda slacked in the middle of January but I think I got my five posts up! So pat myself on the back for not failing. Woo. That was unenthusiastic 😦 WOO WOO!!!!! That’s better 😀

Ok that’s the basics of what I did in January. Now enjoy some pictures with maybe a little context 😀

For New Years eve, My mom and aunt made this ^^ It’s called danish puff and its like this insanely flaky pastry type thing and you put coffee flavored frosting and its pretty good 🙂 Usually we make donuts on New Years Eve but since my Mom’s pregnant, she didn’t feel like standing up for 4 hours and frying them all 😂
The view from the hotel we stayed at with our friends! It was so pretty and peaceful 🙂
Another picture of the view + Sydney’s hand. We took a ton of pictures in those two days lol :))
Subway = YUMMMMMM. I feel like subway is underrated bc its just a basic sandwich shop but basic sandwiches are actually bomb. Idc what u say, subway is good and my food was delicious.
Our cute wittlle feet awwwww 😂 yes I’m weird but its fine xD Does anyone else take pictures of their feet?I do it all the time, but I also take pictures of everythingggggg.
Ahhhhh I love this picture! The colors compliment each other and it just looks really nice idk? This food was really good! It was at the Hotel and you got little vouchers for a free breakfast so you went to a restaurant and ordered ur breakfast instead of a all u can eat buffet thing. I kinda prefer the all u can eat thing bc duhhh u can eat all you want and not be limited to one thing but this was a fun experience!
The hotel we went to had a heated outdoor pool and it was AMAZING. It looked super cool in pictures too bc all the steam was rising off of it!
We got some super cool pictures in the pool with the steam and morning sun. I LOVE this picture.
As I said, I drank a LOT of tea. I had quite the amount of mugs in my room, our mug cupboard downstairs was empty 😂
*MASSIVE HEART EYES* Snowwwww its so pretty ahhhh
seen this at this cute little shop, if I had my own house to decorate, I might have even bought it xD
Spent WAY to much time making my science notes look pretty 😀 But it was fun!
Went to town with a friend and learned how to pump gas! Its not that hard, except we couldn’t figure out how to pay with the card xD We’re smart in real life usually, I promise 😂
Chinese food is SO good. I love orange chicken and sweet and sour pork? Also: crab puffs are AMAZING <33333
Sent a late Bday/Christmas present to my wonderful pen-pal! I think she’ll be getting a blog soon so keep ur eyes out for that!
In return, she sent me a package too!!! I absolutely LOVED everything she got me, the Oreos were great, I’m super excited to watch Wonder again, and I love the beanie, the pom pom thing is so cute!
this is actually me ^^^^ I’m so socially awkward 😂
haha, my gramma did this with me a couple times, back in the day when I still could pass for a kid 😂
Ahhhh don’t you just love having siblings??? Thank you Aubrey for the toilet paper xD
Made myself am acia bowl for breakfast, It was pretty good :))
Got a new record for likes in a day! Thank you guys so much for joining this journey and following along, I’m so thankful for you all!
haha, this is awesome! But hey, they still got 40 bucks!
Caramel White Mocha frap <33333 It’s so good! It’s sweet but I like sweet 😀
This cat is weird. she just stares at me.
I lovveeeee this picture! The colors are so niceeeee
some more of our snow. It wasn’t much but it was AWESOME!
Did some journaling 🙂
One last foot picture 😂

And that is all for this month in review!

Hope you enjoyed! How was your January? Did you do anything amazing? Anything awesome happening in February? My Birthdays in the end of February so I’m excited for that! Talk to me in the comments, I love hearing from you!

Thank you so much for reading!!!!

xx, Jasmin

Author: Jasmin@thewriterofletters.com

I'm a teen lifestyle blogger who thrives to live life to the fullest and loves to pen-pal, journal and just have fun 💛

40 thoughts on “January 2020. *claps excitedly*”

  1. Looks like january was a really eventful month for you!! I’m glad you enjoyed it in the right way. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of tea lately which is much better than coffee.
    Happy February 💙

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  2. I love this post– it was so detailed and full of everything. It was so fun to read!! I loved all your pictures too (they are all really good)– the one in the pool with the steam is so atmospheric, haha!! The trip to the hotel looks so fun, I’m glad you had fun!!
    And you got snow, I’m so jealous!! haah!! I would love to have snow at the minute!!
    Also congrats to your family for their baby, a baby brother should be fun!!
    Baking sounds fun too!! I would love to make some time to bake soon!!
    I hope you have a great February!! ❤

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    1. Thank you!!! I love that pool picture too, the steam is such a cool add on!
      It was really awesome!
      Haha yeah that was fun! Do you get snow where you live? We might be getting more snow this weekend!
      Baking is fun! I never make enough time for it tho xD
      Thank you! I hope ur February goes AWESOME! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Tell your mum congratsssss!
    These pics are so good though – the swimming pool one & the forest/camera one especially! I love looking at nature photos – I should probably take more but I never really think about it 💕

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  4. hi! read this post earlier this morning and have been looking forward to leaving an essay tonight hehe 😀

    – ikr jan just went by so fast! and i guess feb will zoom by too since it’s such a lil month. jan has also been a surprisingly good month for me to with a lot of changes in habits and circumstances and i’m proud of how i’ve fared

    – glad you had a blast at your friend’s birthday blast

    – pomegrante pizza tea?!? what is this wizardy…i’m curious as to how it tastes. i love pomegrantes! but i dont like tea. or fruit on pizza. but my oh my im curious

    – all the best to your mum and the fam x so exciting to have a new arrival. man do i miss the days when my bro was a cute adorable sleepy bundle of joy

    – ooh snow and what adventures you’ve had. we don’t get much snow in the uk…and when we do, well i don’t live in an area where i can sledge or snowmobile.

    – oooh memes – you gotta share your best with me

    – so proud of you for staying on top of school work! subject choices seem fascinating. (i was never a fan of drama being shy and all) (and also very bad at acting)

    – you’re beautiful just as you are! from the glimpse i get from your profile, you most definitely are a ray of sunshine. fight the insecurities away! i love the way your hair is! and your personality is amazing!

    – softball team ay hope you get to form a team

    – oof glad you patched up. i have over the past year let go of a lot of friendships/distanced myself from “close friends” because i came to realise i was the one putting in like 101% of the effort to sustain the bond and it was sucking the soul out of me…anyways, do pay attention to the vibes you surround yourself with, and never feel guilty for communicating how you feel, and trying to resolve, repair bonds but also know when to let go

    – post recipes!! i love baking too!

    – girrrrl you’re on a roll 🙂 i’ve only managed to read two books 😦 but they were kinda massive books but still :/

    -proud of you! posting consistently takes a lot of commitment. very inspiring too for other bloggers

    -love your photographs and the quirkiness it adds to the post. such cosy, homely vibes.


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    1. Hey! Aww thank you, I very much enjoyed this essay 😉❤️
      -YES January flewwww by so fast. Like how. It’s crazy. Ahhh yay, I’m glad ur month went good! Changes in habits are so rewarding, I’ve been changing some habits also!
      – ack I must have spelt it wrong, it pomegranate pizzaz tea 😂 it is still delicious! Pomegranate pizza tea does sound intriguing tho, can’t say I would want to try it, I like my tea and pizza separate 😂 I don’t like most tea either but this is my one exception, also licorice tea isn’t bad!
      -thank you! I’m excited to have a baby to hold in the family again
      -YESSS the snow was AMAZING. Awww I’m sorry you don’t get much snow, that’s sad 😦
      -haha I should do a meme post xD
      -Ahhh thank you, I was quite proud of myself also! Drama is slightly new, the acting and all but it’s been fun! I’ve been trying to try new things and this is definitely new!
      -awwww thank you that means so much ❤️ thank you!!
      -ayyy me too, I think the team is gonna happen!!
      -yes, me too. I hate being in fights with friends. Currently waiting on my friend to call me by I’m not putting in all the effort this time haha
      -I think I may do the chocolate chip scones, they were very good xD
      -awww thank you! My posts have been coming pretty easy, I’m on a roll rn xD
      -thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      Loved this comment! ❤️❤️❤️


  5. Your January sounds lovely! Mine felt almost agonisingly slow haha :’) You made so many memories; that’s the best!! Congrats on the new addition to your family–my mom is done having babies, but if she were to have another, I’d want a boy because we’re currently at 2 girls, 1 boy–that’s so wonderful! The danish puffs look divine; a traditional meal my family have around NYE is Menudo because we’re hispanic 🙂 Hope your February is just as fun x

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    1. It was pretty good! Ahaha yes mine went by pretty slow too 😂 YES, it is!!! Thank you! Ahhh are you happy with how many siblings you have or do you want more? My mom said she’s done after this kid 😁 We will be tied, three boys, and three girls! Ooo yes, it’s really good! Huh, I’ve never heard of Menudo, what is it? Me too 😊 hope ur February is AMAZING xx 💕

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  6. Congrats to your family! I wish I could go back and enjoy having infant sibs again. 🙃
    But then they grow up and turn out to be epic people so then again, where I am is good. 😁😉

    EY. Reading Shakespeare, Taming of the Shew, in class? Sounds familiar. Oh wait…. is that the description of a “Cost Of Living Report”??
    FELLOW CC-er! High five!
    Have fun with Shakespeare in class…. it um. Gets spicy. 😂😂😝
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Shakespeare. Just not aloud with all the um sketchy content lol.
    I’m in Challenge II now, and it’s fun! I especially like Western Cultural History and British Literature. 🙃

    Oooh wow.
    Okay I’m jealous.
    All that fantastic food.
    Aaaand the tea. Mmmm.

    Looks like you had a great month! 😁 I loved reading about it.
    (Oh and I almost forgot, gorgeous pictures! :))

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m ready to have another baby to hold, they’re soooo CUTE! I can’t wait until my siblings are older and we’re all adults with kids, it sounds so fun!
      YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!That’s so cool that u go to CC too!!! *Highfives*
      Haha, so far Shakespeare has been fine but we’re also not that far yet 😂 spicy huh? oookkkaaayyyyyy now im scared. Jk, but its honestly kind of confusing, there’s so many unique names and then ppl go undercover and get more weird names? I’m low-key confused but welp. I think my teacher is scanning ahead and making sure we skip all the sketchy content so thats good xD Oh cool! Haha, I’m liking all my strands except for Debate bc I dont like arguing and its stressful for me 😂
      alll the food was sooo goood. I know, its making me hungry toooooo 😁
      It was a pretty awesome month! Im glad you enjoyed reading about it! Thank you so much for ur sweet comment, I loved reading it 😊💕

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      1. Haha that’s the way to do it. My tutor did not scan ahead and would not let us skip parts. 😛
        Yeah no kidding! And all the names have to be like two letters off of each other too?!? I could never keep them straight haha.
        I do debate outside of CC, but I’m with you. CC Debate is cruel and painful and needlessly stressful. *glares at the debate due tomorrow*
        I wasn’t hungry before when I looked at your photos, but now that you mention it… 😆

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      2. ahhh that sucks 😦 I’m glad my tutor is skipping parts, especially bc I’m in a class with only 3 boys and its already pretty awkward hahaha 😂 I KNOW. I’m ALREADY soooo confused 🤦🏼‍♀️
        O cool! CC debate is extremely stressful, they kinda just give u ur topic and tell u ‘ok go have a debate!’ or at least thats what it felt like. GOOD LUCK ON UR DEBATE, I’m sure you’ll do amazing!
        hahah SAME

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      3. Oof that sounds like a weird place to be hahaha. Nothing against your classmates of course. Next year my class might be the same way though. Me and three guys. So yeah. That will be…. different. 😂
        Thanks I hope it goes well. 😝

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  7. Your pictures are so pretty! And congrats on your baby brother, that’s so exciting!! ❤
    I'm sorry about your fight with your friend and your mall break down (malls are tough for me too). I use to have break downs a lot and was scared to go anywhere because I would get sensory overloads and panic attacks, I know how tough it can be, just know that you're not the only one and that you are so much stronger than you think. ❤ ❤

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  8. I loved reading this post!! That is SOOO exciting that your mom is having a boy!!! I’m the oldest of six, but we’re all girls. XD I would love to see a recipe post!!! I used to do a Recipe of the Week post where every Saturday I would post a recipe on my blog, but I eventually ran out of recipes to post! 🙂 And great pictures as well!

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  9. I loved this post!!! Wow, 6 kids? That’s amazing! Congrats on your baby brother! Omg I procrastinate by reading books toooo. I set a goal for 100 books this year…so we’ll see if I reach it haha. You just inspired me to do a wrap up post for this month! Dunno if I can even remember half the things I did though.

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    1. Thank you!!! Haha yeah, we’re gonna be a full blown circus xD I’m excited tho! WAIT REALLY?!? Yay!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😂 Oooo nice, good luck! My goal is only 50 bc I wanted to be able to really chill and enjoy the books but 100 is a good number! Aww yay! I’m excited to see it! I love monthly wrap ups! Haha I rely heavily on my photos from the month to hep me remember 😂
      Thank you so much for ur sweet comment! 💕💕💕

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  10. Ahhhh Jasmin I loved reading this and I have so many things to say prepare yourself.

    1). Glad you had a fun stay at the hotel! The pictures you took there are so beautifullll. 💞 And ah you’re such a great photographer.

    2). Congrats to your mama and your family!! May the baby boy come in the best of health! Ah family of 8 – we’re 5 kids in total and people say we have too many kids. You get used to it to be honest 😂 also I don’t know if this is your first baby brother but ah baby boys are super super cute. I like them a little more than baby girls because it’s kind of like a dog vs cat dynamic but it depends on the baby. My little brother started sleeping beside me four years ago, and still does to this day. He’s 8 but I mean someone needs to detach the magnets he has on me. 😂 It’s all good tho you’re going to be a great big sister!

    3). Heartbroken to hear about the breakdown – especially at the mall. Ugh I totally get you on body expectations and I absolutely hate how immodesty is the only option nowadays. Like no, I am not flat with stick thighs and I need something less see through 😂 I tried shopping at Urban Planet recently but started to shop at my local grandma store, Zack’s and I’ve been having a good time since. I love grandma stores. But then again, I’m a grandma at heart. 🙈 I bet you’re beautiful tho and never let size determine your beauty. We are so much more than objects of display for society to look at. We are minds and souls and passion and through reading your writing, I can tell you have a beautiful one!

    4). Ten books in a month sisss YES! I’ve been so behind on reading lately ahh. Keep it up with the blogging consistency and PLEASE POST RECIPES!

    5). Ughhh I hate pictures of shoes because it reminds me of my Snapchat days (legit 2.5 seconds ago) but you can ‘ok boomer’ me off on that.

    6). Omg omg please make a post about pen pals and all the shipping details, how to find one, etc. I want a pen pal that seems funnn.

    And that’s all! As for me, my final exams were this week and my last one is tomorrow so pray for meee. Imma make a January wrap up soon but I haven’t blogged in a whole month because of finals – oops. We revamping for February tho. Love this post but it’s almost 1 am and I gotta go sleeep. Have a great day!

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    1. Awwww thank you so much! Ahah I love long comments, they make me smile so big xD
      Thank uuuu, it was sooo fun! I would love to be a photographer or something when I’m older, I love taking photos!
      Ahhh yes! I’m hoping he arrives healthy! :)) Ayeee big family’s are pretty fun! It can be stressful or annoying sometimes but the majority of the time I love em 😉 I have two little brothers and they were both adorable when they were little but I don’t get along so well with them now a days 😂 Awwww that’s so sweet ur brother sleeps with u! U sound like a awesome big sis ❤
      Aw thanks 😦 It sucked but I got thru it.
      Ahhhh YES. Everything is made for tiny ppl and is short and I’m over here like “ummmm what am I supposed to wear?!?” I don’t even know where I’m going to try shopping but goodwill is one of my favorites 😂 u can find good stuff there sometimes! Grandma stores sound awesome ahaha, mb I’ll check one out. Aww thank you that means so much more than you know. ❤️❤️
      I’m so surprised I’ve read that many books!! School has been crazy but ya know, I’ve been procrastinating by reading books 😂 I’m like the procrastination QUEEN. 😂
      I think I’ll do the chocolate chip scones recipe, they were soooo good and I want more haha
      Haha yeah I never got Snapchat but I can definitely see that, show pictures are kinda definitely a snap chat-y thing xD
      Oooo I should! Pen pal-ing is actually soooo fun!
      Ahhhh GOOD LUCK!!! I’ll pray they go AMAZING. 🙏 ooo I’m excited, I love ur wrap ups! Haha yes definitely! Thank u so much for reading ur comment made me insanely happy! Get some sleep and do amazing on ur exam! Hope ur day is great! 💕💕

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