My attempt at an ombré cake. Quarantine crafts with Jasmin #4 *drools*

Hello one and all! How are you doing on this fine day? I’m doing wonderful as our weather is amazing and that makes me happy 🙂

Today is going to be a short-is post but I figured I could do a “quarantine crafts with Jasmin” post with my sister’s birthday cake that I made and decorated a couple weeks ago!

My baby sister Bridget turned 4 a couple weeks ago and for her birthday, she wanted a horse cake. As I semi-enjoy baking, I was charged with the job. Well not exactly charged, I kinda volunteered but anyways: I was charged to make her cake.

Since a box mix is easier, we decided to do that rather than make a cake from scratch. Also I’m sorry but as I wasn’t planning on doing this post, I didn’t take many pictures of the process. My mom picked up 2 boxes of cake mix so I could attempt to make a four layer cake, something I’ve never done before and it was quite fun! I also had two cans of vanilla frosting. and some sprinkles, because sprinkles make everything better, am I right?!

I had quite the mess going on xD.

Bridget just wanted a plain cake with some play horses stuck on the top so I decided to spice it up and attempt an ombré frosting look. Wow I was an ambitious child. Just kidding, but I had not a clue on what I was doing. So I kind of just dyed some frosting to what I thought was a dark shade of purple and slathered that along the bottom. Then I attempted to make a lighter version of purple for the middle but it turned out to be around the same shade of purple as the bottom one but oh well. I didn’t stress too much. Then I plopped a generous helping of plain white frosting on the top and then I went ahead and tried to blend that down into the purple. It went pretty smoothly except it looked pretty chunky and rough.

Kinda messy. So I used a neat trick my mom taught me: you dip a frosting smear-er thingy into a cup of hit water and you smooth out the frosting. It must melt the frosting kind of with the metal on the frosting smear-er and it gives the cake a glazed look. So I did that and this is how it turned out! I also threw some sprinkles onto the bottom to add some extra-ness! What’d u think?

Notice the glazed look on top? *raises eyebrows and nods professionally*

I’m honestly quite proud of myself, I think it looks pretty awesome, maybe even awesome enough to be from a store 😉 My sister was quite pleased and so was I, so it was cool! Sadly, I couldn’t have it as I was gluten free, and the cake was full of gluten but everyone that ate it thought it was delicious. So there was a happy ending 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this, you’re the best 🙂 Have you ever made an ombre cake? Have you ever made a 4 layer cake? What’s your favorite cake flavor? Mine’s probably chocolate but honestly cake is delicious so I can’t choose xD Hope you enjoyed, talk to me in the comments, I’d love to chat!

xx, Jasmin


I'm a teen lifestyle blogger who thrives to live life to the fullest and loves to pen-pal, journal and just have fun 💛

45 thoughts on “My attempt at an ombré cake. Quarantine crafts with Jasmin #4 *drools*”

  1. This is amazing Jasmin! Ombré cakes are just WOW and honestly I ant some now 😂 I’m making a chocolate cake on Wednesday and am super excited!! But four layers, wow! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a rainbow cake, like I’ve seen them so much and they look awesome! The cake looks so glazed and pretty, sorry to hear you are gluten free, I hope you could eat another sweet treat while they were eating the cake! 😋 Hope your h=sister had a wonderful day an glad ou are in a good mood 🙂

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    1. Thank you so muchhh 💕
      Ooo good luck with baking your chocolate cake-sounds yummy!
      Four layers was an experience, but it was super fun!
      YESSS Rainbow cakes look awesome, sometime I’ll have to try one!
      GOOD NEWS: I’m back eating gluten now until I get my test results back to see if being gf helped! So I’ve been enjoying bread xD
      Thank you so much for all your support, it means the world 💕

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      1. Aw of corse Jasmin! ☺️ Yes I’m super hyped to bake it (but mostly eat it 😂). I can imagine, that ounces like a lot of batch baking! For sure, they’re honestly so good, I feel like each colour has it’s own flavour? People say it doesn’t but for me it does!
        That’s amazing!! Super buzzed for you, I can’t imagine a world without bread 😂 I hope your results come back that you can eat gluten again :)) Of course!!

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      2. Haha eating it is the best part though right???! It doessss, and that would be super cool if they all had a different flavor! Hmm I haven’t really thought about them much but I’m sure there’s many different types!
        Thank you so much, me too! 💕

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  2. this cake is so good! I had a pink ombré cake for my birthday a couple of years ago, I think they really fun and look really cool! 🤍

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  3. That cake looks so good. 😀 I love the ombre effect and the sprinkles! Sprinkles do make everything better. It does look yummy, for sure!! 😀
    *hugs to you sis
    -kaelyn 😛

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  4. Well that looks AWESOME 😍 I went through a phase where I didn’t like cakes because my mum owns a cake making business and it’s all I ever see 😂 but I do love chocolate cake after it’s been popped in the microwave for a bit 🙌😋 Great post! 💕


  5. Oooh, happy belated birthday to your sister! 🙂 I remember when I was younger I would ask for theme cakes and they always looked so neat 😂
    You did a great job on the cake and the bottom of the cake gives me fairy vibes for some reason 🤷‍♀️

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