Review of shopEphemera ft. beautiful jewelry *major heart eyes*

Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? I hope your doing fabulous πŸ™‚

The lovely Rachael from shopEphemera recently sent me three of her gorgeous necklaces from her Etsy shop, which you can check out here! She was SO wonderful to work with and I’m so excited to show you all what she sent me!

The necklaces all came packaged beautifully, each in separate bags so they don’t get tangled. These bags were also super fun to reuse for sticking pen-pal goodies in so I got a double use out of them!

Here are the three necklaces/chokers I received, aren’t they so lovely? My favorite is probably the star choker, I think it’s so cute and I absolutely adore it! Here are links to each necklace/choker:

My review:

The necklaces all came packaged wonderfully and shipped quickly. Racheal was very helpful and kind to work with and overall I really enjoyed collaborating with her! My favorite necklace I received was the gold star choker, I think it’s so adorable and I love what it adds to an outfit! After wearing the star choker continually, I noticed that it did tarnish but I haven’t noticed that about the other two I received. I’m absolutely in love with all these necklaces and I adore wearing them! The star choker has had a constant presence in my day to day outfits as it goes so well with everything.

Photo credits (again) to my sister Aubrey πŸ™‚ She’s quite skilled (or so she likes to inform me xDDD) Just kidding. I love her photography πŸ™‚

All in all, I think Racheal’s shop has some beautiful things and I recommend πŸ™‚ Thank you once again to Racheal for being so willing to collaborate with me and being so kind, I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Which necklace is your favorite? Do you prefer necklaces or chokers? How has you day gone? I hope it’s been fabulous! Talk to me in the comments, I’d love to chat!

xx, Jasmin


I'm a teen lifestyle blogger who thrives to live life to the fullest and loves to pen-pal, journal and just have fun πŸ’›

53 thoughts on “Review of shopEphemera ft. beautiful jewelry *major heart eyes*”

  1. Lovely post! I have to say it’s a close call between the glove necklace and the star choker… I love them both so much through! I will definitely be looking into ordering some necklaces from her shop because I just think they add such a subtle addition to an outfit and can sometimes just make your outfit pop! ❀️ Wonderful post and your sister is very skilled at photography, I love her photos! πŸ™‚

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  2. 😍 Those are all beautiful! I will have to check out her shop. I think my favorite would be the star necklace as well! 😊 I like both necklaces and chokers, though I actually don’t have any chokers. For me it really depends on what outfit I’m wearing; if I have an outfit that would look good with a choker then I just borrow my sister’s. 😜
    My day’s gone fine so far; how about yours? I’ve just been doing school, though I am really excited because my grandmother is flying down here tomorrow and I haven’t seen her in a super long time. She hasn’t even been able to see our new house yet because of the virus! But anyway, I’m glad that she is finally able to come and see us. Grandmas are always a blast! 😎
    Hope you have a fabulous day as well! ❀


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    1. Aren’t they?! Definitely do, all her products are gorgeous! Ahh yesss I love that one 😍
      The star choker was my first choker and I definitely agree that it depends on ur outfit! Luckily the star choker looks good with basically ANYTHING 🀩
      My days been good, I just woke up haha πŸ˜‚ Ooo thats so fun about your gramma! My grandma is coming down to my house today to meet my baby brother! Thats awesome that your grandma can finally come and see you, have tons of fun!
      Thank you girlie, you too! ❀️

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      1. That’s so exciting!! ❀ I hope you have an amazing time with your grandmother as well! How has Tucker been doing? (Or have you all picked another name?)

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  3. Ooh these necklaces are all so pretty! I also have a star necklace that is literally identical to yours and I am obsessed with it haha. Do you wear necklaces more or other stuff like rings and bracelets?

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    1. Aren’t they?! 🀩 Ahh twins!! The star choker is my literal fave, I’m also obsessed haha! Hmm, well I really really love jewelry, so usually I probably wear rings the most as I just sleep with them on or I slip them on in the morning when I wake up but necklaces are a close second! What about you, which type of jewelry do you prefer? πŸ’•

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      1. Oh that’s cool. I started wearing rings more around last year but I keep taking them off and then forgetting to put them back on which is annoying πŸ˜‚I’d say I probably wear necklaces more as that’s what people tend to gift me a lot of the time and now it’s just become a habit β™₯️

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  4. I love this post so much!! These necklaces are gorgeous, I was wondering how you would go about asking someone if they would send you products and in return you would review their product on your blog, because I’d love to review products from etsy, I’m just not sure how I’d go about doing it? Thank you so much in advance xx

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    1. Aww I’m glad! Aren’t they?! I adore them πŸ₯°

      So I went on Etsy and found some shops that I really loved and then I messaged the sellers telling them that I was a teen blogger and loved their products. I then told them what my blog is about, what I post, etc. and I asked if they would be willing to send me some products to review/collaborate with me πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!
      No problem ❀️

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