Long overdo life update! *cheers*

Hey friends! How have you all been?! You must’ve grown since much since the last time we’ve spoken- I know I sure have! Not physically of course, I’m still down here at my short height on 5’4 but you know what? I accept it. I think I like myself the height I am, it’s me and it fits my personality. I decided I wanted to pop on and do an update. I don’t know if I’m going to continue blogging.. as seems to be everyones struggle right now.. I popped onto WordPress and the first three posts in my feed were goodbye posts! It’s quite sad but understandable.

Life moves pretty fast guys. You wouldn’t believe how many new experiences I’ve had since I last posted, who knows when that even was! I hit a deer in my newly paid off car last December which was a mess.. I ended up totaling my car sadly but my lovely parents are excellent DIY at home car fixer-uppers so my dear Brenda was fixed up in the beginning of February! I got my first job as a barista in December, it had been a life long dream to work as one and I loved it! Got laid off in February because of lack of business but it was a good time of life. God really works out the best plans for your life!! I got a job with another local coffee shop as a photographer and social media assistant so thats been a fun experience and has opened doors to senior photography, learning more about getting interactions on social media and just meeting new people! I started a thrift account on Instagram as well in January, and man, its been a good time! Sadly I’m not profiting much off of it but its been a super cool experience to build my account, make some thrifting friends and just learn more about owning and managing a small biz! Recently, I got a job at another coffee shop, and just finished my second day of training today! It’s a lot more intense than my first job but I’m so thankful for this opportunity, I think its gonna be a good time ❤

Ok, so thats my little life update 🙂 I’m gonna paste some recent pics below and then im off to church for a clean up but I wanted to post a lil something fast! Not sure where I’m going to take thewriterofletters but we’ll figure out something won’t we?? I hope your Tuesday is excellent and I hope your week goes grand!

xx, jasmin


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