Seventeen Syllables poetry book review. pt. 1 *falls back onto bed in pure happiness*

Hello friends! How are you? I’m doing wonderfully today, especially since I’m writing this post and you. guys. I’m so over-the-top excited for this review! I’ve done quite a few reviews but this is definitely going to the top of my list as one of my favorites.

Let me give you a bit of back story. Lori Hetteen, one of the loveliest people on Etsy, kindly agreed to send me her own two poetry books from her Etsy shop, lorihetteen. She has two books of poetry that she has for sale on her shop, both of which are absolutely, positively amazing in very way and I’m so very happy with them!

Now, with these poetry books I don’t want to spoil too much of the insides of them for you, especially if you are to buy them! But a struggle I came across was while trying to pick my favorite pieces of poetry to share with you, I couldn’t decide. So I decided to split this review up into two posts, and in this post I’ll review the Seventeen Syllables book! Now to show you some of my favorites pieces from the book, and to share some lovely pictures! Let’s go!

*All photos edited with Lightroom preset 🙂

The cutest intro page in my opinion 🥰

loveeee <3333

This page is quite explanatory if you read it, but ill sum it up for you once more. Lori often adds little notes, thoughts or explanations about the main piece of poetry. When she does this, she adds it to the bottom of the right hand page and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. It just helps expound more and really gets you thinking!

I love this!! I feel like a lot of the poems and pieces are about this but honestly this is one of the best reminders for me. There’s goodness in every stage, as long as we look for it. This relates back to last year, 2020, where a large majority of the year sucked but there was good. Quite a bit of good if you ask me. And i’m not saying 2020 was a “good” year, in fact it was quite pitiful but i’m choosing not to dwell on that, and instead to think of the more happier, positive things 🙂

I really love this one. I love the little definition/explanation or expanding on the haiku. I find it fascinating how its mentioned in the poem, we keep picking us. It’s so true and to look back at my life and realize how I chose my friends or how they chose me is mind boggling, it’s really something to think about.

A lovely piece of encouragement and such a good reminder. God’s got this, Even the ravens and the Lillies know that.

People like sunshine. They’re truly the best ❤

My mindset and hopeful mentality. It’s sometimes hard to keep a positive outlook on life but it makes all the difference.

The strugglessss. Especially of an awkward, socially incompatible teen like me. But we can do it. And I love the reminder of the right picture, “give up the act..” Yessss!! Exactly. Let’s all just be the real us and I think we shall get along fine.

Amen sister, amen.

I’m obsessed with this one. *realizes I’ve said this about almost everyone so far* 🤦🏼‍♀️ But it’s true! The journey is what matters most in my opinion. It’s hard though to not want to rush to the end, to get to “the good part” but trust me, the journey. is. worth. it.

And that wraps up the pictures! I hope that wasn’t too many and I hope you weren’t bored, I certainly enjoyed reading through the book!

For a final review of Lori Hetteens poetry book, Seventeen Syllables, I’d like to give it a glowing review. Lori was so sweet and responsive and kind, truly wonderful to work with and everything about Seventeen Syllables completely amazed me. The pieces of poetry were relatable and just, so perfect and really good reminders of good life lessons, be thankful for the journey, treasure every moment, be kind and reach out. Continue to pick “us” and never look back.

Please please check out Lori’s shop, here’s a link to it! and a link to Seventeen Syllables 🙂 And as always, if you end up ordering this book, reach out to me! I have a contact page on my website and I would absolutely adore to rant and rave about this poetry or almost anything under the sun. Keep an eye out for the second post of this review, where I’ll be looking at The Moon says Hello, and have a wonderful day!

Which piece of poetry from this post was your favorite? How was your day today? How’s 2021 going for you? Did you check out Lori’s shop?

thanks for reading lovely,

xx, Jasmin

I read 150 books in 2019: These are my favorites

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Happy New Years!!! Hope ur 2020 is absolutely amazing and u achieve so many goals and dreams! I personally am really (and I mean REALLY) excited for 2020! I love the way the numbers look, and its the beginning of a new decade, which is amazing! I’m just super excited to see what God has in store for this new year + decade! My goal is to get a bujo post up soon and that will include my goals, resolutions etc.! But anywhooooo let’s get onto this post 😂

In 2019 I set my reading goal for the year at 150 books. At the time I wasn’t fully aware of how MANY books 150 actually was. I procrastinated WAY to much and in December I had to cram and read quite a few books but I was determined to reach my goal and so on December 27th, it happened. I reached my goal!!! I was very excited and VERY successful feeling 😁 Here is a random* list of some of my favorites from 2019! *This is not a list of my favorites to least favorites, it’s just a list of random books I really enjoyed this year*

The Ruby Redfort series:

I actually read most of this series in 2018 but I reread them in 2019 bc they were interesting! The books are about a teen spy named Ruby and I really enjoy the series 🙂 One cool thing about the books is sometimes they have little survival tips intertwined into the story, like if ur trapped in a forest fire u are supposed to dig a hole as deep as you can and climb in face first, and cover the top of the hole with a coat? Or at least thats what I read in the book, and it sounds like a decent plan to me if I’m ever trapped in a forest fire 😉

The Canterwood Crest series:

OK: mini rant warning:

So, these are the canterwood crest books. They’re really interesting books, aged more to a younger (tweens/teens) audience and their super easy to read and understand which I greatly appreciate when I don’t want to have to think really hard to understand a plot but they. are. so. unrealistic. IT IS CRAZY. The girls are in 7th grade, with boyfriends, makeup, and drama. WOW there is a LOT of DRAMA. but their still really good books and I genuinely enjoyed reading them!

The Red Umbrella:

This book is hands down one of my favorite books from this year, I actually read it like 3 times, which is pretty good for me and a book. Usually once or twice is enough but this was an exception. I even bought it bc it was so good 🙂 It is about a cuban girl who is living her normal life when suddenly her life is flipped upside down when some soldiers come into her town and her and her brother are shipped to America for safety reasons with the chance of never seeing their parents again. The story is pretty good 🙂

White Bird:

I just read this book and I was surprised when I opened it to see it was actually a comic book! I was disappointed at first bc I’m boring and I tend to prefer the basic formatting of a book but I really REALLY enjoyed this one! It takes place during World War II which is one of my favorite time periods to read about bc I find the nazi stuff really interesting. Its horrible and I can’t believe some of that stuff actually happened bc its so brutal but I like to learn about it so I can be well-educated. One sad thing about this book is someone important dies and its so sudden I wasn’t even expecting it 😦 But thats how death is sometimes and especially how deaths were then. Jews never knew when their door could be thrown open and they could be arrested. I’m getting a bit off topic tho so overall this book was really good!

The Last Cherry Blossom:

I read this book earlier on in the year so I don’t remember quite as much as others but I remember really enjoying this book. It’s such a good book and its so sad 😦 But its so nice to read about Families and friends coming together in a time of need, And if I remember correctly, there was a lot of that happening in this book 🙂

All Four Stars:

This was such a sweet book. I think being a food taster would be such fun job as long as u stayed active and didn’t just test-taste food xD any who, definently recommend this book!

The Book Theif:

Ahhhhhh I LOVED this book! It was so cool how it was told from deaths perspective, I’ve never thought about anything like that and I loved how u have to follow the plot along! It was a little graphic in some parts of the book and there is some language but overall its a great book. I literally love all the characters and I actually shed a *few* (read MANY) tears at the end 😦 ugh I love sad books but I hate them toooooooooo

You carried me:

This was a good book. A sad, but good book. Finding out u were a survivor of a botched abortion would be heart wrenching and Idek what else to say. This is a good book though, u should read it.

Any historical fiction book by Alan Gratz :

Dude. I read so many books by this guy last year and they were all awesome. Prisoner B-3087 was one of my favorites tho. I also really liked refugee, Projekt 1065, and Grenade. Go check these books out if u like historical fiction!

Ok, so I’m going to cut this post short bc that was a lot of typing and i’m now tired 😂 Have u read any of these books? do u want a part two? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Hope u enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if you want a part two because I did skip some awesome books :(( See u next post!

xx, Jasmin

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” 

― Charles W. Eliot


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