September bujo set-up! *runs in the door late*

Hello! How are you today? I hope you’re doing fabulous! Today I’m back with my bujo set-up for SEPTEMBER. *Mindblown* I don’t even know how it’s already September?! Sorry about not doing any bullet journal posts during the summer, I did actually work on my bujo a little but with how busy we get in the summer I just didn’t have full spreads to do posts on :(( I’ve thought about maybe just doing a post with all three of my “summer” (June, July, and August) spreads in it? Would y’all enjoy that? Lemme know in the comments!

Anyways, let’s head onto this post!

For September’s theme, I chose one I’d seen floating around the blogosphere and Pinterest. RETRO!!! Also, little side note: I’m not good at the time periods so if I’m calling it retro and it’s somethings else, please forgive me and don’t hate to much *covers face*

Here’s the overview!! I think it turned out super cute, and it was SO SO easy! I hadn’t done this theme before because I thought it looked hard or something but ahhh. It was easy and it’s so cute and colorful! Above we’ve just got the cover page and a quote across from it.

Stay rad!!

Next is my calendar page, one of my favorites. Not necessarily the design or theme though, I just really like to write all my stuff down in calendars. It makes me feel so organized and adult-ish! What’s something special or cool that’s on your calendar for September?

Next, we’ve got a collage page and a notes page! For the collage page, I got all the pictures off of Pinterest or google and I just made a collage, printed it out and then glued them on! I like how it turned out 🙂 The notes page is kinda just a filler page, I’ll go into more detail in the paragraph under the picture below.

For this page I just put some of my goals for the month and added some of my bucket list type hopes and dream! I want to hangout with friends, drink water, make sure to keep up in school and talk to God more.
And thats all! This months lay out was shorter than usual but hey, we’re working ourselves back into the groove 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! Did you bullet journal this month? If so, what was your theme? Anything super exciting happening in September for you? I hope you day goes great! 💛

Chat with me in the comments, I’d love to talk!

xx, Jasmin

My summer bucket list ☀️ *Licks popsicle*

Hello! How are you today? I’m doing quite good, I worked for my neighbor so I’m tired now 🙂

Today I didn’t have a plan for a post but I wanted to post for you guys and thus this post was born! Plus I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now and since it’s now officially summer, it’s the perfect time!

So, I’m not going to list every single thing, but I’m going to mention my favorites ones or ones that stand out? I don’t know, we’ll see how this goes 🙂

  • Have a HUGE sleepover! I don’t know how well this is gonna work as of corona and everything but luckily the whole COVID-19 situation is somewhat dying down around here and we can get together with friends. I want to have a huge sleepover with tons of friends and sleep outside and be crazy, it sounds SO fun in my opinion! One of the things I would be worried about is that I have a ton of different friend groups, there’s cousins/relatives, church friends, softball friends, random people, people from school, etc. But I think I could make it work and have tons of fun!
  • Watch lots of sunsets and sun rises! So, I LOVE sunsets and sunrises. They’re so simple and like.. an ordinary everyday thing but for reallllll. They’re amazing. So I really want to watch a lot of them this summer. From the roof, to tops and trunks of cars, on blankets, tops of a mountain, I just want to experience a lot of God’s masterpieces this summer.
  • Say YES more. If you know me, you know that I’m very much into the live in the moment, say yes, take chances, live to the fullest lifestyle. Being spontaneous and not thinking so much about all the bad stuff that can happen can be hard for me but I want to work on that this summer and really say yes to a lot of new opportunities!
  • Have a vsco sleepover! I’m not really a vsco girl 😂 But the vibe is really cute 🤩 One of my friends and I want to have an ultimate vsco day because it sounds like a lot of fun! We want to stay out on the tramp or in a tent and hang lights and sheets and I want to try that vsco-brand treat, ya know, the chocolate with marshmallows melted in the oven and then you dip into it with graham crackers? It sounds so good 🤩
  • Go paddle-boarding! This isn’t on my actual bucket list but I really want to go paddle boarding with a friend or two. I’d love to go paddle boarding, pack a lunch, and just paddle all day. And to make it a dream come true we could paddle to a waterfall and eat lunch at the bottom there. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?!

In all honesty, most of my bucket list won’t probably get completed. But hey, it’s fun to dream isn’t it?! I’ll definitely make memories this summer, I already have. And I can’t wait to make more! I hope your day goes/or is going amazing, and I hope the rest of your summer is awesome!

Whats on your summer bucket list? Whats a summer tradition you love? Do you prefer ice cream or popsicles? I hope you enjoyed, and make sure to talk to me in the comments, I’d love to chat! 💓

xx, Jasmin

May bullet journal setup *proudly shows you*

Hey hey beautiful people 🙂 (how’s that for a new opening? I like it ;)) How are you all, I hope your well and staying safe with all the corona stuff flying around! I’m doing good! And to get straight to the point, it’s time for another May bullet journal setup post! Yay! I feel like you guys all enjoy these posts and I enjoy reading bujo posts and I ALSO enjoy journaling and blogging about my set up so it works out perfectly! Woah that was a long ramble *wipes sweat off forehead* 😂 Anyways, for May’s theme I chose to do plants/succulents/cactus’/etc. and although I don’t totally love the theme, I’m very happy with how it came out! Okayyy I know what y’all are thinking, lets see some pictures! 😉

This is my cover page! I’m pretty happy with it, I think the plants are all so cute but my calendar thing is kind of messed up by that hanging plant/(and the plant on the bottom right) but oh welllll xD. You don’t notice it until I mention it 😉 OHHH ALSO: I LOVE THE QUOTE, don’t you? It gives me happy vibes 🙂

Next my calendar, pretty basic, nothing super special but it’s still cute! I have a bit of birthdays this month, all bunched into about a week xD. Hopefully the COVID-19 situation calms down and my calendar can fill up this month!

My mood tracker! I struggled making this but it turned out pretty cute! I LOVE the plant theme, I always do a plant theme 1+ time/s per year because it’s simple and super cute 🙂 Hopefully I have a lot of green days in this coming month!

Next is my playlist and I added a couple songs that I’ve been loving! My musical taste/genre is literally all over the place, but its fine 😉

Last but not least, I have my goals/self care challenge page. I’ve recently been doing self care challenges each month (except I skipped April) but it’s quite fun and it motivates me to do/complete my goals! I drew some cute little greenery sketches on some simple green Washi tape to spice it up and I think it turned out adorable!


Well, that concludes my May bujo setup, I hope you enjoyed! Sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been staying busy with at-home-projects during quarantine!

What have you been up to? Which page was your favorite? Do you have a bullet journal? Talk to me in the comments, I love to chat! ❤️❤️❤️

Wishing you the happiest of Mays,

xx, Jasmin

April Bullet journal Setup: *bows*

Hey hey 🙂 How are you? I’m good :)) This month, with the quarantine stuff going on, I had a bit of extra time so I managed to get my bujo setup done in time! I chose to draw a cute cafe ( I completely copied of a Pinterest so welp but the rest of my pages are original xD) but then I kind of struggled knowing what to do the rest of my little doodles as, because I didn’t want to just do a bunch of little cafes everywhere 🙂 So we ended up doing a lot of coffee cups xD

Onto the pictures!

My cute little cafe 🙂 I am really happy with how this came out! I listened to a whole church sermon while I sketched it, so it came out pretty good, imo 😉 I love cute little cafes and if this same cafe exists somewhere in this world, I would be very happy 🙂 On the other side of this page is a quote ( you can see the whole spread in the picture above) but I didn’t take a pic of the quote… So yeah, this is my cover page! Overall, I’m happy with it!

Next is a really cool ( in my opinion) college that I crafted together using coffee pics I printed off of Pinterest! On the opposite page is my mood tracker, which I’m pretty happy with! Sorry this pic is a bit blurry, I don’t know why this one came out like that!

Coolness, am I right?!?

This is my calendar that I spent a good hour creating. *rolls eyes* I HATE making calendars because it takes me FOREVER to line everything up and get it to look decent but it finally happened so yay!

Next is my bucket list/goals and my playlist! I was pretty happy with how both of these turned out!

Last and (kinda least) we have my weekly spread/journal! It’s INSANELY basic, but I chose functionality over intenseness and I’m hoping it works well!
. . . . . . . . . .

And that’s all for today!!! What’d u think?! Which page is your favorite? Do you have a bullet journal? If so, what was your theme for April? I hope u enjoyed and I’ll try and post soon!

Stay safe ❤️

xx, Jasmin