The Small Joys tag *eeekkkkk another tag!!!*

Hey y'all. how are you? I'm fantastic 🙂 A couple days ago I was tagged by Liberty to do this tag and I was like YESSSS. I LOVE tags so much 😂 So thank you bunches for the tag, Liberty, it made my day xD The rules: Thank the blogger who tagged you!List 15 of… Continue reading The Small Joys tag *eeekkkkk another tag!!!*

Liebster award. the second time *eeeekkkkk another award!*

Hey y'all. Hows life? I'm good 🙂 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️❤️❤️ Today I'm back with another award! Thank you all so much for all the support and nominations and tags, I am sooooo thankful for all of you. You make my day with your sweet comments and I love reading all y'all's posts 💕 I… Continue reading Liebster award. the second time *eeeekkkkk another award!*

2020 room tour. *dances into my room*

Hey y'all. How's life? I'm doing good 🙂 Today I cleaned my room so I figured I could do a room tour! We moved into our current house about 2 years ago I think and I got my own room for the first time! I really like having my own space and I really like… Continue reading 2020 room tour. *dances into my room*