April 2020. and yes, this is three days late, I’m sorry. *twirls*

Hello Beautiful people. How are you? I’m doing good! I am not the wisest so for the whole month of April, I thought the month had 31 days. So I was waiting to do my monthly wrap up and then before I knew it, it was May 😂 So here’s my monthly wrap-up. 3 days late. But it’s fine. I’m going to try a new approach to my monthly update, and I’m going to do my top 10 favorites of the month! Let me know how you like it! Our stay-at-home-order got extended until MAY 31ST. I’m not happy but praying that God helps me accept staying home for another month and that the corona situation dies down. Anyways, onto my top ten favorites of April! They’re not listed in any certain way, I like them all the same. Well mainly anyways 😉

  1. The tulip fields:

We went to some local tulip fields and it was so fun! We went to Safeway and got ice cream, and then we went the tulip fields and walked around, picked flowers, and took a ton of cute photos. After the fields we went to the dollar store and bought ice-cream and chips and then we went and sat at the local lake and watched the water while we ate our snacks. It was a highlight of my month, we also went way over the top and got dressed up in pretty summer dresses and sandals and it was amazing. 10/10 recommend.


2. Journaling:

Since lockdown, I’ve had quite a bit of extra time so what better to work on than journaling?! I have a big announcement: I FINISHED MY FIRST BUJO!! I’ve been doing little daily spreads and journaling daily and it’s so nice. And I filled up my whole first bujo! Which makes me feel so accomplished, finishing a bullet journal takes me forever usually 😂 So I’ve now started my second bullet journal, so would you guys like an updated bullet journal tour? I would love to do one 😉

I like it 🙂

3. Writing letters:

I’ve been loving writing letters to all my friends and pen-pals. Getting stuff in the mail has been even more special now because I can’t see my friends and getting letters from them all make me so happy. I’ve also been enjoying making cute letters, adding cute little extras and such into them 🙂 It’s been a lot of fun though.

enjoying the sun 🙂

4. Apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips:

This has been my go to snack, IT IS SO GOOD. I absolutely love it. My sister was eating it one day and I decided to try it and I love it. It’s relatively healthy, as long as you go easy on the chocolate chips 😉 I just said I love it like 4 times, take my word, it’s delicious.


5. Our happy place:

My sister and I have been bored and we’ve also been wanting to make a cute, cozy letter writing area. So we were asking our parents where we could create our space and our final decision was the attic! We found an old sheet in the attic, hung it up, added some fairy lights for aesthetic-ness and shoved a truck over there for our “desk”. We also found a little mirror and hung up some cute signs we had and overall I think it turned out adorable! Anyways, we’ve been going up there and eating candy and writing letters, it’s quite cozy and fun 🙂

Cute amiright?!

6. I signed up for drivers ed!!

I wanted to go to an actual class drivers ed but because of the whole corona situation, in person classes are canceled and instead, there’s zoom classes. My parents really wanted me to sign up for the zoom classes because we live far out and they didn’t want to drive me/with me into town 3 times a week and I finally consented because I want to learn how to drive. I’m partially terrified but I’m also super excited to get my permit and get on the roads. I’ll be safe, I promise 🙂

7. Phase ten is pretty awesome and fun or so I decided.

Being at home all the time has gave my siblings and I plenty of time to play some card games and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Phase ten is one of my favorites and also Liar is pretty fun. What’s you favorite card game?

I’m pretty sure I won this game ;))

8. NOT A HIGHLIGHT but we sold my pony, ginger.

I’ve had Ginger for a while but high school began taking up more of my time and I made the decision that I wanted to focus more on softball so last fall we decided to sell Ginger. My wonderful neighbor who taught me to ride helped find a good home for her and I think she’ll be happy and healthy there.

She’s so cute right?

9. Wonderful weather:

During quarantine, we’ve had an amazing blessing: The weather has been so lovely. We’ve still had our rainy days but most of the weather has been sunshine-y and perfect and I LOVE IT.

Life is made of the moments like this: Sun, the wind and music blaring ❤

10. Whipped coffee

ahhhhh a classic for quarantine. I’ve now made whipped coffee four times and when I tweak the recipe a bit, it comes out perfect. For some reason it hasn’t wanted to whip so I’m a bit mystified by that but its still good. This coffee in the picture was meant to be whipped but didn’t exactly come out like that :/ It was so good tho ❤️


And there you have it!

My top ten highlights of April! All in all it was a pretty good month. Sure, quarantine bummed me out but I feel that I made the most of it and I’ve been enjoying it. How are you? Do you like this new “format”? How was April for you? Talk to me in the comments, it makes me happy 🙂 <3333

xx, Jasmin 💕

Cost of living project *grins and bows dramatically *

Hey hey beautiful people, how are y’all? I’m doing quite good, I am getting to the point of the school year where I’m DONE and I don’t wanna do school anymore. One of my last projects that I’m finishing up this year is a project called “Cost Of Living”. Now, this project in theory actually sounds quite fun. You decide what kind of job you want to have when your older, you find a place to rent, you figure out how much it would cost to buy groceries and food and how much your taxes will be-ya know, all that fun stuff. Well, that’s what I thought when I started it anyways. I will say that it was an enlightening project and I came away with a couple things

  1. You might not be able to drive that really cool, awesome, amazing, looking Toyota Tacoma that you dream about because it has horrible gas mileage and as a pretend 23 year old, you just can NOT AFFORD IT.
  2. Living as an adult (and I can not stress this enough) IS INSANELY STRESSFUL. I got so stressed during this project, partly because I wanted to but the really cool looking Toyota Tacoma mentioned above and my “paycheck” simply did not allow and partly because everything costs so much now a days! This project really opened my eyes and I can say that I am now putting a bit of my extra money (that I would usually spend) into the bank.
  3. Coming in under your budget and not living from paycheck to paycheck is an amazing feeling. When I had finished all my calculations and found out I came in under my paycheck amount, I was so relieved. I was worried that I may have used my whole paycheck up, but luckily, that was not the case.

It was still a fun project but it definitely had it’s ups and downs like many projects. Anyways, here is what I found while doing research!

I chose to do monthly costs instead of yearly because I wanted to see everything on a smaller scale. My monthly costs included housing, utilities, transportation, taxes, charity and tithing, food, clothes, and personal expenses (like going out with friends or out to eat).

This is my income information. My dream job is to work at a Black Rock coffee bar or really just to be a coffee barista anywhere. I love coffee and what better job than to learn how to make good coffee? I also love photography so a photography side job would be perfect. Honestly I don’t know if I could actually be good enough at photography to do 3 sessions a week but my mom thought so so I’m like “OK” 😂 Anywho, my overall monthly income is 2,851.02, which isn’t a ton but in my teen eyes it seems like a lot 😂

I “rent” this lovely little shophouse which, (fun fact) used to be my old house! We moved across the driveway into an actual house and now the shophouse is rented out. I rent it with my sister and friend or maybe two of my friends or maybe both my sisters-who knows. Anyway, I rent with 2 roommates and the house is a 3 bed, two bath, with a kitchen, dining room, living room, and office/entertainment room. Plus my parents will live across the driveway so if I’m ever bored, I could walk across the driveway and go visit ;)))

My landlord includes all utilities in rent, which is quite nice because it knocks a lot of money off my plate 😂

I do have a phone with unlimited data, and I also have a mobile hotspot so I can hook the hot spot up to my computer and watch Netflix with my handy dandy subscription!

Taxes: pretty boring, I just went and calculated my taxes for my brackets according to my income and such.

Charity and tithing: I tithe 10% of my paycheck, which I feel like is the golden rule of living, I feel like everyone does 10%? I don’t know. But I “sponsor” a child through Compassion International (which is a really cool program btw, go check it out!) and the rest of money I donate to my church or other charities.

“Funny” story: I actually first was going to drive a Toyota Tacoma because that’s my dream car and I think they’re really cool and awesome looking but my paycheck simply did not allow bc MAN TRUCKS ARE EXPENSIVEEEE. So I “bought” this nifty (wow what cool words I use 🤦🏼‍♀️ but no joke we should start using nifty more, don’t you think?) little Ford Escape hybrid which can be gasoline AND it can be charged electrically so its really cool. And it was cheap. so really cool. 😁

Pretty basic, for finding my food calculations, I went on to our local grocery stores website and I went and added all the food I would want to the cart and I used that total x4. For clothes I kind of just guesstimated a number, but WOW that means I’ll spend $600 per year on clothes and that seems like a TON. But I could do it 🤦🏼‍♀️

(Also, for a really interesting post, go check out my blogging friend Cassidy’s post about the fashion industry and who makes your clothes right here!)

Next is the boring part: Insurance. Pretty basic so yeah, let’s move on 😉

Entertainment: I have $170 to stretch over the month which should work, I don’t go places that cost a lot usually and I don’t eat out a ton.

A summary: I CAME IN UNDER MY BUDGET!!!!! I felt so happy when I calculated everything and it all came out good!

Overall it was a really fun project and I’m super glad to be done, I love the feeling of completion when your done a project. I’ll let you in on a little secret though: I’m almost sad to be done school. I have one more week (yep only one more!!!) and putting away some books last week I got sentimental and sad, it was weird. But I can’t wait for summer break, my one wish is that the corona thing doesn’t drag into summer, because that would be heart breaking.

Did you enjoy this post? I figured it was pretty interesting 🙂 How have you been? Whats your dream job? What’s your dream car? Talk to me in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!!

xx, Jasmin

March 2020. *sighs*

Hey hey. How are u guys? I’m good 🙂 Well, relatively good. I’m not bad but I’m kind of done with this whole corona-quarantine-social-distancing thing. I get why we’re doing it, I would hate for more people to get corona and all the families with sick people are in my prayers. With that being said though, I believe that the media has over-exaggerated this and I don’t know if it’s as bad as they say. In all honesty, I don’t know. I don’t know how this is gonna end. I don’t know how it started. I don’t know what to think of the ordeal. I don’t know. But the good thing is that God knows. And He is holding us all in his hands. So I’m trusting in Him and hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that this pandemic ends soon. What are your thoughts on the COVID-19 ordeal?

Well anyways, another month passed by, and I’m just standing here. with my mouth wide open. Like “How?!?” March went so slowly yet so quickly! So many changes. So many new things!

  • I started my 3-month journey of being gluten free. As I explained in my last monthly update, (read it here) I have to go gluten free for three months. I started in march and so far, it’s not horrible. If you know me, ya know that I LOVE gluten. bread is one of the best inventions ever in my opinion. I love the stuff. But I found a decent brand of gluten free bread, and I’ve got good gf flour and Chick-fil-a has gluten free buns so we’re good 😉 The main time when I’m remorseful about being gluten free is when everyone else is eating gluten and I can’t. And then it gets depressing. But luckily it doesn’t happen all the time. So yeah, That’s the update. I’ve made some good gluten free cookies so maybe I’ll have to do a recipe post soon 🙂
yummy chick-fil-a 🙂
  • We went to our first (and maybe last) garage/yard sale of the season. I’m big on thrifting so goodwill and garage sales are amazing. I love the deals you can find and it makes you feel so (ummmm idk the word) good? It makes me happy. The garage sale we went to was really good and I found some stuff I love!
garage sales are the BEST
  • I went to my friends for a weekend sleepover and it was SO FUN. We watched Jumanji 1+2, ate ice cream, stayed up late, talked for hours, ate food, went shopping, drank coffee, and tried on crazy and cute clothes. It was an amazing weekend and I’m so happy to have met these new friends 🙂 Smiles at u guys if ur reading this :)))
we got coffee, and yes, it was amazing.
  • My protocol event for school happened. It was fun! We had a jewel heist dinner thing and it was a lot of fun. All of us girls got together and got ready and then we went and took picture (which sadly I cant share bc FACES and PRIVACY) and then we went to the dinner. It was super fun and I cant wait to do it again next year if we do CC!
My hair for the protocol event, I loved it!
  • Basically everything in my life was canceled and we are on quarantine. The thing I was most disappointed about it being canceled was my softball season. As of right now, it’s not canceled but they’re doing a evaluation on the 6th and we’re social distancing until the 30th at least so there’s like a .1 % chance of us actually getting to play the season :(( Another thing that I was disappointed about the cancelation was our co-op. We’re doing zoom meetings online but its a lot less fun and doesn’t really motivate me as much as in-person classes. But my next debate is next week so please pray for me 🙂 It’s against the electoral college and I am STRESSED.
Our weather was lovely for a while there and our plum tree had blossoms on it. I love the contrast in this photo!
  • My sister and I had a painting day, and we made a bunch of little inspirational watercolor card things to stick in letters and such. I loved how they turned out! We painted for about 3-4 hours and I ended up with about 40 cards (not counting my sisters) I think they’re quite adorable though, and I’ve now hung them on my wall 🙂
Which one is your favorite?
  • drank coffee, read books, and made collages. With quarantine and everything, I’ve had some spare time on my hands so I’ve been reading, drinking coffee, and making collages. Highly recommend all three of the above activities.
all my books ❤
One of my latest collages 🙂 I’m quite happy with how it turned out!
I tried whipped coffee. It wasn’t as good as i hoped but I want to try making it again with some changes.
  • And to finish off this post, a meme and a quote:
This kills me. I love it 😂
good stuff, am I right?

And thats all for this post! Sorry it was kind of short, March was a pretty messed up month for me, but wasn’t it for us all? Hope you enjoyed and happy April! 2020 is officially 1/4 of the way done-thats terrifying and exciting? How was your march? How are u doing with COVID-19? I hope your all well, stay safe ❤️

Xx, Jasmin


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