The Small Joys tag *eeekkkkk another tag!!!*

Hey y’all.

how are you? I’m fantastic 🙂

A couple days ago I was tagged by Liberty to do this tag and I was like YESSSS. I LOVE tags so much 😂 So thank you bunches for the tag, Liberty, it made my day xD

The rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  2. List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!)
  4. Have fun with it!

Ok, Let’s get onto it!! My small joys are:

1. Finding quotes I love on Pinterest:

If you know me, you most likely know that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest and I could spend about 9 hours a day on there if I could. It’s a great space to find new ideas and inspo and it’s where I find 99% of my favorite quotes. It makes me so happy when I find new quotes that I love and that I can relate to and ahhhh I LOVE IT ❤️❤️

2. Free birthday coffees from Dutch bro’s and black rock:

So where I live, on your birthday you can go to Dutch bro’s and Black Rock (coffee places) and they will give you a free birthday coffee! Any size and any type. It’s so awesome and it’s become a yearly tradition that on my birthday, my Dad will take me out and we’ll leave early in the morning and we’ll drive around and hit all the coffee shops and our end result is usually somewhere around 10 free coffees. It’s so cool 😀

3. Girls group:

So this year I went to our church’s youth camp for the first time and it was SO FUN. While we were there I suggested to my cabin counselor that she should start a girls group and she said that she had been thinking about it! So that started the ball rolling and now she hosts girls group once a month and we get together, talk about a topic, read the bible and eat snacks. For February’s girls group, we went to a different girls house instead of the regular one and the girl who’s house we went to lived in this ADORABLE little cabin 😍 It was sooooo cute and cozy and we hung out, talked about Godly relationships and relationship advice and ate Valentine’s Day snacks and candy. We even had heart shaped pizza, it was delicious 😊❤️

4. Receiving mail:

I have around 6 pen pals and I write to companies so on special occasions I will happen to get mail and it MAKES MY DAY. It is so fun to get a letter or even package in the mail and it makes you feel so special and happy and ahhhhh I LOVE it!

5. Warm drinks and food:

FOOD.IS.LIFE. #foodie #ilovefood

Okay. Dudes. Food keeps u alive, and it’s a HUGE bonus if it tastes good, which usually it does. Especially if it’s warm. Hot cocoa and hot apple cider are my go to winter drinks + coffee bc as we probably all know: coffee is GOOD. Warm French toast and sausage and eggs is so good. Also warm soup on a cold winter day is to die for.

6. Blue skies:

Where I live, it rains a LOT in the winter. And it thoroughly depresses me. I can not do rain. And I love where I live and I belong so don’t go telling me I’m not a valid name of state where I live-ion bc I am. 😂 Blue skies make my day especially when it’s sunny and crisp outside, it’s just so nice.

7. When out of state cousins visit:

Half of my family lives across the country and so I get to see them ehhh maybe once every year (if I’m lucky) or every other year. So when we get to see them it’s overall just a really happy time bc I love them all and seeing them is awesome.

8. Comments on my blog:

MY DUDES. Comments make me SO happy, I can’t even express it to you. U guys are all amazing and I’m so grateful for all the support y’all have shown towards my blog. Long comments are my favorite and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE ONES U HAVE GAVE ME! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

9. Flying in airplanes:

I love flying so much. Especially taking off and landing and landing in a city in the dark where you can see all the pretty lights and also when your landing and the pilot turns really sharp and you’re basically tipped on ur side ahhhh it’s soooooooo fun!

10. The whole Christmas vibe:

Christmas is hand-downs my favorite season and I love the holiday cheer! Christmas lights and cozy fires and trees and red and green and presents and giving and togetherness ❤️❤️❤️ I love it!

11. Making new friends:

Making new friends is honestly so nice bc

A. Friends are awesome

B. I love learning more about new people!

Since I’m super shy and socially awkward, I don’t make new friends a lot of the time but when I do, it’s amazing!

12. Having a clean room:

Having a clean room just makes ur life feel so much more uncluttered and out together right? I personally love to procrastinate cleaning my room and then I also love to procrastinate BY cleaning my room so it’s very ironic. But a clean room is AMAZING.

13. Discovering a new favorite book:

I love when you find a book that doesn’t look amazingly special and then you open it and it just pulls you in and keeps you there and when you finish it you feel like crying. Okay actually I love/hate that but for this post it’s gonna be a joy so yeah!

14. Taking pictures of people and things I love:

I LOVE photography and it’s something I hope to become more professional at it and I absolutely adore taking pictures of things that are pretty and people I love ( and people I don’t know ya know xD) Pictures are so fun to take and I love having them as memories!

15. Church camp out and youth camp:

The church my family goes to has a camp out on Memorial Day weekend were we all go to a fair grounds a couple hours away and the church rents the fair ground and we camp there for 3-5 days. It is THE HIGHLIGHT of my May and I LOVE it so much. Last year I stayed up with 6 of my friends till after midnight just hanging out and talking and it was bomb. We hang out at each other’s camps, eat food, ride bikes and go to the creek and it’s a blast. Youth camp is like the same thing except the YOUTH go 😂 and it’s in August but it is equally (if not more) amazing and I had so much fun last year. There’s an obstacle course, skit night and night time games and more. It’s also right across from the river to after my cabin did the obstacle course we all went to the river and washed our hair in the river. Nothing like washing your hair in front of like 50 kids but it was fun xD

I tag:

Bayance girl thank you SO much for all the support you give, ur comments are the best and make me smile so big. Ur blog is amazing and I LOVE reading ur posts so much ❤️

Kiya– ok ur so nice and talented ahhh ur poems are amazing and ur comments are equally amazing- they make me smile so huge and eeekkk thank you so much for the support! 💕❤️

Hedy– Thank you TONS for all the support on my blogging journey and for being so welcoming when I started blogging, u made me so excited to start blogging and I love reading ur posts 😊💕

Ju– Ur literally the sweetest and I love ur posts so much ❤️

Esther– You are so nice and I love reading ur posts, you have such interesting content! 💕

And thats all for today! I loved this tag, it seemed very aesthetically pleasing to me for some reason xD Hope you all have an AMAZING week and I’ll post soon!

xx, Jasmin