Get to know me tag *dances happily*

Hey there! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Recently I’ve been slightly struggling with what to post (so if you have any ideas what I should post, let me know I the comments!) I would greatly appreciate ideas 😀 I promise some new posts are coming soon! Today, I am doing the ‘get to know me tag’ and I was tagged by the wonderful Beth! Thank u so much for tagging me! It gives me something to post lolol!

Okayyyyy onto the tag!!!!


Question 1: Where were you born?
‘Merica!!!! Yep, I was born in the USA and I like it for the most part 😁 I’ve never left the USA but I definitely want to go exploring other countries and continents when I’m older!

Question 2: What is your biggest fear?   Ok, so this is really weird but I’m so terrified of…….. wait for it………………………CHICKENS! I have no clue why, except once when I was around 6 years old a chicken pecked me when I was trying to get eggs and ever since I’ve been terrified. Chickens have beady eyes and they cluck and you can’t predict their next move and so yeah. Idk but I am terrified of chickens. Also clowns freak me out ever since “it”came out 😂

question3: What is your favourite social media?
Well I don’t have any social media yet except for Pinterest but Pinterest is definitely one of my favs. I love getting ideas for my bullet journal, art ideas and outfit and picture inspo!!!

 Question 4: What is my favorite TV show?
I don’t watch tv much, we don’t actually have a tv in our house, just a DVD player but I really enjoy “Full house”. It’s a classic and yeah, it’s fun 😁

Question 5: Do you have a catch phrase you say often?
Hmmmm I can’t remember what I always say now 😂 I always ask my friends ‘how’s life?’ If there’s an awkward silence or we’re just standing there and I also say ‘so yeah’ at the end of all my sentences 😂 

I tag:

That is all for Today! Thank you so much for reading! Keep ur eye out for a new post coming soon! Do u have any plans for new year’s eve? I can’t believe that 2020 is already here but I’m so excited, Let’s make 2020 our year!!!!

xx, Jasmin ❤


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