Back to school supplies haul! *groans then shrugs and smiles*

Hello lovelies! How are you on this fine day? I hope you’re doing wonderful 🙂

It is officially that time of year again, time for SCHOOL!!! Haha, if you’re anything like me, you dread this time of year, when our summer break fun is cut short and you have to start again with the daily school work. Depressing isn’t it?

anyways, let’s cut the depressing stuff!

One of my favorite things about going back to school is school supplies. The inner pal pal in me loves all things stationary or paper and pretty notebooks and etc. Well, I started school on Monday and the Friday before, we went school supply shopping! I didn’t need a ton of new supplies but I needed a couple notebooks and I’ll always take more pens if I can ge them 😉 Anywas, now let me show you what I all got!

Here’s an overview of everything! Now let’s get into more detail 🙂

First off, some basic notebooks! Last year I went with the black, minimalistic, aesthetic look but this year they had this ADORABLE yellow notebook, and I fell in love.

These are some of my favorites!! I adore the grid print, it’s in right now and I don’t know why, but it just makes me happy. Especially with the minimalism of the black and white, it’s all just modern and minimalistic and I’m happy about it :))

Next, tabs! Tabs are my favorites, you can most definitely say I am a tab-er. I’m obsessed and I love to put tabs on everything but no hate, they’re helpful! I think my guide has close to ten tabs, i’m a little overboard 😂 #sorrynotsorry

Ahhhh pens 🤩 Although these are technically markers I think but still. They’re pretty awesome! I’ve had some of these before and I loved them and this time is no different! They write super easily and smoothly which I love because a lot of times, when I write with a regular pen, my hand starts to hurt so fast! But, with how easy these pens are to write with, my hand doesn’t hurt until I’ve written for a good 3 hours 😉

Last but not least, STICKERS!!! These stickers are the, I got them because they were super cute and when I tried them out in my guide/planner, they sadly didn’t fit my dream. But I still adore them and can’t wait to use them in my bullet journal!

Folks, that is all for today!! I’m going to try and have my bujo post up by Thursday so keep your eyes open for that 🙂 I’m finally starting bullet journal posts again so im very excited. Sorry for not telling you guys that I was taking a break from them but the summer just got very very busy and I couldn’t. But now I’m doing them again so be ready!!!

When do you start school? What kind of school supplies are your favorites? What are you doing for school this year, homeschool, in-person or online? I hope you enjoyed and talk to me in the comments, I’d love to chat!! 💛

x, Jasmin

Cost of living project *grins and bows dramatically *

Hey hey beautiful people, how are y’all? I’m doing quite good, I am getting to the point of the school year where I’m DONE and I don’t wanna do school anymore. One of my last projects that I’m finishing up this year is a project called “Cost Of Living”. Now, this project in theory actually sounds quite fun. You decide what kind of job you want to have when your older, you find a place to rent, you figure out how much it would cost to buy groceries and food and how much your taxes will be-ya know, all that fun stuff. Well, that’s what I thought when I started it anyways. I will say that it was an enlightening project and I came away with a couple things

  1. You might not be able to drive that really cool, awesome, amazing, looking Toyota Tacoma that you dream about because it has horrible gas mileage and as a pretend 23 year old, you just can NOT AFFORD IT.
  2. Living as an adult (and I can not stress this enough) IS INSANELY STRESSFUL. I got so stressed during this project, partly because I wanted to but the really cool looking Toyota Tacoma mentioned above and my “paycheck” simply did not allow and partly because everything costs so much now a days! This project really opened my eyes and I can say that I am now putting a bit of my extra money (that I would usually spend) into the bank.
  3. Coming in under your budget and not living from paycheck to paycheck is an amazing feeling. When I had finished all my calculations and found out I came in under my paycheck amount, I was so relieved. I was worried that I may have used my whole paycheck up, but luckily, that was not the case.

It was still a fun project but it definitely had it’s ups and downs like many projects. Anyways, here is what I found while doing research!

I chose to do monthly costs instead of yearly because I wanted to see everything on a smaller scale. My monthly costs included housing, utilities, transportation, taxes, charity and tithing, food, clothes, and personal expenses (like going out with friends or out to eat).

This is my income information. My dream job is to work at a Black Rock coffee bar or really just to be a coffee barista anywhere. I love coffee and what better job than to learn how to make good coffee? I also love photography so a photography side job would be perfect. Honestly I don’t know if I could actually be good enough at photography to do 3 sessions a week but my mom thought so so I’m like “OK” 😂 Anywho, my overall monthly income is 2,851.02, which isn’t a ton but in my teen eyes it seems like a lot 😂

I “rent” this lovely little shophouse which, (fun fact) used to be my old house! We moved across the driveway into an actual house and now the shophouse is rented out. I rent it with my sister and friend or maybe two of my friends or maybe both my sisters-who knows. Anyway, I rent with 2 roommates and the house is a 3 bed, two bath, with a kitchen, dining room, living room, and office/entertainment room. Plus my parents will live across the driveway so if I’m ever bored, I could walk across the driveway and go visit ;)))

My landlord includes all utilities in rent, which is quite nice because it knocks a lot of money off my plate 😂

I do have a phone with unlimited data, and I also have a mobile hotspot so I can hook the hot spot up to my computer and watch Netflix with my handy dandy subscription!

Taxes: pretty boring, I just went and calculated my taxes for my brackets according to my income and such.

Charity and tithing: I tithe 10% of my paycheck, which I feel like is the golden rule of living, I feel like everyone does 10%? I don’t know. But I “sponsor” a child through Compassion International (which is a really cool program btw, go check it out!) and the rest of money I donate to my church or other charities.

“Funny” story: I actually first was going to drive a Toyota Tacoma because that’s my dream car and I think they’re really cool and awesome looking but my paycheck simply did not allow bc MAN TRUCKS ARE EXPENSIVEEEE. So I “bought” this nifty (wow what cool words I use 🤦🏼‍♀️ but no joke we should start using nifty more, don’t you think?) little Ford Escape hybrid which can be gasoline AND it can be charged electrically so its really cool. And it was cheap. so really cool. 😁

Pretty basic, for finding my food calculations, I went on to our local grocery stores website and I went and added all the food I would want to the cart and I used that total x4. For clothes I kind of just guesstimated a number, but WOW that means I’ll spend $600 per year on clothes and that seems like a TON. But I could do it 🤦🏼‍♀️

(Also, for a really interesting post, go check out my blogging friend Cassidy’s post about the fashion industry and who makes your clothes right here!)

Next is the boring part: Insurance. Pretty basic so yeah, let’s move on 😉

Entertainment: I have $170 to stretch over the month which should work, I don’t go places that cost a lot usually and I don’t eat out a ton.

A summary: I CAME IN UNDER MY BUDGET!!!!! I felt so happy when I calculated everything and it all came out good!

Overall it was a really fun project and I’m super glad to be done, I love the feeling of completion when your done a project. I’ll let you in on a little secret though: I’m almost sad to be done school. I have one more week (yep only one more!!!) and putting away some books last week I got sentimental and sad, it was weird. But I can’t wait for summer break, my one wish is that the corona thing doesn’t drag into summer, because that would be heart breaking.

Did you enjoy this post? I figured it was pretty interesting 🙂 How have you been? Whats your dream job? What’s your dream car? Talk to me in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!!

xx, Jasmin

My 2020 bujo setup *flops on table tiredly*

Hey guys! welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’ve got a new post for u ( be happy please bc this is quite a rare occasion ;)) Ok, but in all seriousness, I need to post more. Thats my goal for 2020 -be consistent with blogging. So expect to see more posts in February because I’m going to type up some drafts so when I don’t have time to type a post, my drafts will be ready to SHINE xD Anyways, I’m going to try, so cross your fingers 😉 But ya girl is busy, school is drowning me over hereeeeeeeeee

Anywhooooo…. onto the actual post!

I think this is the last 2020 bujo setup post that anyone will post in 2020 aka I am the LATEST but ahem…. we’ll say its okay 😂 also, this has my January setup bc it was very short and sweet so I figured why not throw it in? NOW: Onto the post!!!

Here is my Bujo!! I really like it although it wasn’t exactly what I thought was getting! I bookmarked this page on amazon and told my mom this was what I wanted and she bought them for me so thank you mom, if ur reading this ;)) When I picked them out I didn’t realize that they are grid lined and not dotted pages but I actually still really like them! I got the clear cover one so my first page is the front page and its spiral bound so u can rip out ur mess-ups, as I mess up quite a bit and my previous journals have all been “threadbound”? idk the work but they’ve been bound like books so I really like the spiral bound! For the actual page I went very simple and minimalistic and I really like it!

Ahhhhhh the famous RESOLUTIONs page 😉 So for 2020, I decided I was going to have goals, resolutions, and a bucket list. Aren’t those all the same?? u might be wondering. Well, they might be to you but to me this is what the mean:

Resolutions: wide goals ie. get into better habits, grow my blog etc.

Goals: precise goals ie. reach 150 followers on my blog, make a high school softball team etc.

Bucket list: fun goals and things I want to do this year ie. go iceskating, carve a pumpkin etc.

so yeah, this is my resolution page and I tried to keep it simple and I really like how it turned out! Also, I really like the quote bc i’m big on stuff like living ur life, not just existing, and trying to make something out of ur life!

My word of 2020 is achieve. I really want to achieve and accomplish stuff this year so I thought it would be the perfect word and I love it! at the bottom of this page I just put some stuff I’m excited for this year like maybe meeting my pen pal, my mom having a new baby and our church campout!

Here are my goals! The mountain name is crossed of bc of privacy reasons but its a mountain I live by and it takes about 2-3 hours to hike up. Its only 3 miles but its uphill and I really enjoy hiking it bc its very refreshing and pretty 🙂 I recently hiked it with one of my best friends and we got some really cool pictures and had a TON of fun! And the grade is also crossed off for privacy reasons 🙂 back on topic tho, the rest of my goals are pretty straight forward, I want to get a job and start saving money so I can travel when I’m 30, become more responsible in school and just life in general, make a high school softball team and do good things with my blog! What are some of your goals for this year?

Heres my bucket list!! I haven’t filled it all in yet but I’m going to fill it up thru out the year and yeah, I like it! I really like how its divided into seasons, it helps not just having a mash of things I want to do all year round! I really want to go snowboarding or skiing this year, they both sound so fun but I feel like I would fail epically 😂 we’ll see if it happens!

Next is my book reading page! Last year I made my reading goal 150 books and it was hard but fun! self promo here 😉 -> link to the post about my reading in 2019! So far I’ve read 2 books this year, but I took this picture before I read them 🙂 50 books is definitely do-able so im excited to be more relaxed with reading this year!

This page is actually by the page in the very top picture but oh welp. Idc and i’m to lazy to move it up there 😂 I’ve got the rest of my year at a glance and some important dates where I can put special things that are happening!

Onto January’s layout:

Here is my layout for January! its definitely not my favorite and im not proud of it really but it needed to be done so this is what we got! I still kinda like it and I thought the colors and quote were cute!

Here I have my mood tracker, habit tracker, and sleep tracker squished onto one page! I kept it SUPER simple but I still like it and I think the mood tracker is pretty cute + Ive already had a couple AWESOME days in 2020 so thats super cool! ALSO: my sleep schedule is horrible and im working on it, promise! I can never fall asleep so last night when I couldn’t fall asleep at like 11, I got up and did wall handstands for a while haha, it was entertaining 😂

And that is all for this post! hope u enjoyed! Until next post,

xx, Jasmin


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