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Mug Haul *dances around excitedly*

Hello! How are you doing today? Today I’m back with a weird-ish post. I don’t know how weird I personally am, although one of my life mottos is “If you’re going to be weird, be confident about it.” And I feel like that is a good motto. I’m pretty confident about my weirdness but I’ve… Continue reading Mug Haul *dances around excitedly*

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Happy Blogiversary to TheWriterofLetters!!!

Hello my friends!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog, TheWriterofLetters! I hope your all having a lovely week and today I'm just popping in to say, happy blogiversary to me and my blog! I started blogging last year on this exact day. What a young little kid I was ahah. I didn't know how… Continue reading Happy Blogiversary to TheWriterofLetters!!!

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Sunday artwork and little update *waves hand*

**GUYS!! I figured out how to add photos finally! If I upload the photos to google photos and then upload them to WordPress from there it only takes a couple minutes 🤩 So, I'm back to being able to post with photos! Now this post was supposed to go up on Sunday (yesterday) but today… Continue reading Sunday artwork and little update *waves hand*