Utah roadtrip 2021 | Photo journal

Hey lovelies! How are y’all?? I’m grand 🙂 Um so I haven’t posted in foreverrrr but I have exciting news, I went on a road trip to Utah! I’ve always thought Utah looked like a really cool place and so while looking for a destination for a family road trip, I suggested Utah and my parents agreed! I also knocked a couple other states of my list of states I wanted to visit so that was thrilling 🙂

We went to Idaho, Utah, Nevada and even Arizona! AZ was wonderful, I was there for about 2 whole minutes while I took a picture with the state sign and then we turned around and drove over the state line haha! But I got to cross it off my list and now I can say I’ve been there 🤩 Anyways, I might add a little bit of commentary along with these pictures but I’ve got two batches of clothes to fold so I just wanted to hop on and do a little photo journal of my trip!

**All photos taken on my iPhone 11 and edited with free vsco filters or Lightroom presets 🙂

ALSO: saddest thing ever for my little photographer heart. I dropped my phone in Utah right as we were getting into Idaho and my phone camera broke 😭 Now all my photos in direct sunlight with the back camera have a huge glare. Quite sad. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon and its not too expensive 🤞🏼

The arches! This was such a cool park to see 🤩

all these pictures above were taken in Idaho except for the cartwheel one, that one was from the bonneville salt flats 🙂 Btw, highly recommend the salt flats if you like taking pictures, it was SO pretty!

of course I had to get coffee in Utah haha 😉 Not a ton of coffee shops though which was quite sad but I tried swig which was pretty good!

Anyways, that’s all for this post! I’ve got a super fun collab coming up, ft. some really cool socks I’m excited to show you guys 🤭 Also, i’m now addicted to funky socks, they’re the best haha!

what was your favorite picture? What is your favorite state? How many states have you been to? Ever went on a road trip? Comment down below, id love to chat! 💓🌸

xx, Jasmin

Q&A answers: part two! + I hit 200 followers!! *claps in a circle aka round of applause*

Hello beautiful people! How are you? I’m doing good 🙂 My weather went downhill since my last post but life still isn’t bad.

This is random but I just want to put it out there: I really REALLY want to buy a leopard print bucket hat. And I’m struggling because I know I probably will never wear it but I want to buy it and be brave enough to wear it and I’m strugglinggggg. Also I haven’t went the store for a while so I need to do that if I want to buy it. Ok, I’m done my mini rant now! 😂

As you can probably tell from that handy photo thing above that I just whipped up, I’m doing the second part of answering questions from back when I got 100 followers! It’s been a while and I’m extremely honored to say that I hit 200 followers last month! My dudes, ladies, pretty people, whatever you wish to be called, thank you all so much!!! I’m honestly so amazed at the support you guys have given me, y’all are the BEST. Sorry about the mushy stuff but I wanted to say it. so thank you. from the bottom of my heart. 💕

onto the answers!!

Esther’s questions:

1. Favorite animal? 

Dogs. or seals. or otters. I can’t pick xD                                                                                                                                                       

2. Dogs or cats?

Dogs. They’re so fluffy and like woman best friends and cats (ummm idkk) they just give me some vibes and I don’t like them. I feel like they would take over the world if they could? Anyone get that vibe from them?Please say I’m not the only one xD. 

3. What’s your favorite pet name?

Hmm I’m not sure. Our cats are having kittens right now though and I’m trying to convince my sister to give them all old English posh names but she doesn’t like the idea. Imagine a cute fluffy little kitty named Edward?! It would be the cutest thing imo 😉

4. Favorite color?

Blue. all shades and kinds of blue. Yellow is a close runner up though

5. Favorite song?

Can’t choose xD Recently I’ve been missing church and I’ve been listening to hymns and realizing how much I love them. One of my favorites is “How deep the Father’s love for us”, it’s a good one ❤️

6. Least favorite movie?

HOLD ON. I KNOW ONE. LET ME FIND IT. Okay it’s “Two Bits and Pepper”. I don’t know why but when I watched this movie a couple years ago I just hated it. It seemed plot-less and scary and yeah: I didn’t like it.

7. Favorite movie?

All of the Narnia movies. But my favorite is the one with Prince Caspian. And it’s not just because he’s cute. I like the movie xD

8. Favorite boy/girl names?

I really like the boy name Micah, and the girl names Emma and Madeline. In my opinion it’s so much harder to come up with boy names, am I right?!

9. Favorite scent?

Wet clean clothes. How the clothes smell when you’re switching them from the washer to the dryer-it’s the absolute best thing ever.

10. Favorite flavor?

Idkkk. It depends on the thing, I really like barbecue chips but I don’t like barbecue sauce. I don’t know.

11. Who’s your favorite celebrity?      

 I really like Sadie Robertson. I feel like she’s a good role model and I really like some of her speeches etc. that she’s given.     

12. If you had to lose one of your five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste, which one would you lose?

Maybe touch. I DON’T KNOW. Probably not touch. But maybe touch? I can’t choose. this is such a hard question!

13. If you had to turn into an animal, which one would it be?

A bird, I love how they can swoop and fly so gracefully. There’s also those clumsy birds that fly into windows. that would be yours truly. I would be a clumsy bird xD

Diamond’s questions:

What book series is your favorite?

I can’t really choose but one of my favorites series are “Dinah Harris Mysteries” and they’re murder mysteries where a former FBI agent becomes a Christian and solves murders.

What is the best piece of blogging advice you have to offer?

Engage. I think engaging with followers and the blogs you follow is SO important, it helps build an engaged audience and you get to make new blogging friends so it’s awesome 🙂

What color shirt are you wearing right now?

Blueeee. It’s actually my pajamas shirt but oh welll shhhh xD

If you were to write a bestselling novel, what would it be about?

I would like to write an inspiring true life novel maybe… or something about World War II. Actually yeah, some kind of historical fiction probably. 

What is the favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I take like 8000+ pictures per day (not literally xD) so I can’t choose but one of my recent favorites is this:

What would be your dream job?

A coffee barista at Black Rock coffee bar! I want to learn how to make all the coffee 😉 

Nicole’s Questions:

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

YUM chocolate ❤ I like milk chocolate because dark is too bitter but i also enjoy white 🙂 I’m just a fan of chocolate 😉

–Who are three of your favorite YouTubers?

Okay so I don’t watch youtube much but when I do I enjoy watching Elina Osborne’s videos on her hiking the PCT,  Emma Marie, and Haley Pham ( did you hear she got engaged?!!?!!? SO CUTE) 

What was the first blog you discovered? Well originally my friend Liberty had a blog so probably hers first, and then my first wordpress one I remember was Bayance. I remember being in awe of these two because their blogs were Ah. Mazing.

Music you’re currently listening to?

A lot of hymns, some country, some pop, some alternative, some Christian, you know-all the good stuff 😉

And that’s all for today! I’m hoping to do one more of these to finish up the rest if the questions, you guys asked a lot (THANK YOU!!!!) and I hope you enjoyed! I’m thinking for my 300 follower milestone I may do a giveaway? What to you think? Let me know? Also happy Memorial Day!

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Do you have a movie that you hate? What color shirt are you wearing right now? I hope you enjoyed, thank you so much for reading! Talk to me in the comments, I love to chat! ❤

xx, Jasmin

April Bullet journal Setup: *bows*

Hey hey 🙂 How are you? I’m good :)) This month, with the quarantine stuff going on, I had a bit of extra time so I managed to get my bujo setup done in time! I chose to draw a cute cafe ( I completely copied of a Pinterest so welp but the rest of my pages are original xD) but then I kind of struggled knowing what to do the rest of my little doodles as, because I didn’t want to just do a bunch of little cafes everywhere 🙂 So we ended up doing a lot of coffee cups xD

Onto the pictures!

My cute little cafe 🙂 I am really happy with how this came out! I listened to a whole church sermon while I sketched it, so it came out pretty good, imo 😉 I love cute little cafes and if this same cafe exists somewhere in this world, I would be very happy 🙂 On the other side of this page is a quote ( you can see the whole spread in the picture above) but I didn’t take a pic of the quote… So yeah, this is my cover page! Overall, I’m happy with it!

Next is a really cool ( in my opinion) college that I crafted together using coffee pics I printed off of Pinterest! On the opposite page is my mood tracker, which I’m pretty happy with! Sorry this pic is a bit blurry, I don’t know why this one came out like that!

Coolness, am I right?!?

This is my calendar that I spent a good hour creating. *rolls eyes* I HATE making calendars because it takes me FOREVER to line everything up and get it to look decent but it finally happened so yay!

Next is my bucket list/goals and my playlist! I was pretty happy with how both of these turned out!

Last and (kinda least) we have my weekly spread/journal! It’s INSANELY basic, but I chose functionality over intenseness and I’m hoping it works well!
. . . . . . . . . .

And that’s all for today!!! What’d u think?! Which page is your favorite? Do you have a bullet journal? If so, what was your theme for April? I hope u enjoyed and I’ll try and post soon!

Stay safe ❤️

xx, Jasmin

February 2020. *thumbs up*

Hey guys. How’s life? How are you? I’m good 🙂 Happy march! February FLEW by, and it feels like it also went so slowly. Time is confusing xD. How was your February? The time has come for my monthly wrap-up post so here is chapter 2 of 12 😊

Things that happened this month:

  • Went clam digging and stayed at a hotel. Y’all, I promise staying at a hotel isn’t a monthly thing we do, it’s just happened this year xD. We went clam digging with my cousins and my family so there was 13 people digging and we got 390 clams over 2 days. Thats a lot. I don’t even like eating clams but I enjoy the digging part usually so I just let my family eat them xD. The first day of clamming it was nasty weather-it was raining and gusting wind, it was horrible. I was soaked through 3 layers, including a winter coat and it was gross. The second day was nicer weather, I stayed in the car for the first 45 minutes until mostly everyone else had got their limit and then I went out and dug mine. It only took me 15 minutes to dig my limit, which is 15 clams so it was a awesome tide! I really enjoyed staying with my cousins and family at the hotel, we drank hot cocoa in wine glasses (simply to feel fAnCy), had a sleepover, and watched HGTV. It was awesome!
  • Turned a year older, a.k.a. had my birthday! My birthday was February 21st and I turned a year older! I guess thats usually what you do on your birthday though 😉 I’m not allowed to say how old I am but I still have a couple years of being a teenager xD On my birthday I went to town with my dad and we got free birthdays coffees, which is our yearly tradition 🙂 We got 12 coffees, well, technically one was a lemonade but yeah xD. It was a good day. I don’t feel any older though xD
  • Reached 100 followers. GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH! I reached 100 followers the day before my birthday and I was so surprised, you guys are amazingggg ❤️ Tysm for all the support, y’all are lovely 🙂
  • found out I have to be gluten free for THREE MONTHS. somebody help. I may die. So I have a weird rash in my armpits. And I’ve had it since like June so we went to the dr. to get it checked out. The rash can be a sign of cancer, diabetes and all that fun stuff so the dr. decided to do a blood draw to make sure all my levels were good. The good news is I dont have cancer or diabetes but I have a low phosphorus level which is a sign of Malnourishment but if you knew me in real life, you can tell I’m obviously not malnourished so somethings blocking my body from being fully nourished which is sometimes a sign of a gluten allergy or something. So bottom line, I have to go gluten free for three months and then go get my blood drawn again and see if the levels are better 🙂 So cross your fingers, because I don’t know if I c an survive being gf forever.
  • my family got sick and we’ve had the sickness (which my Mom figures is the influenza) for about a week and a half. It’s not a puking sickness, it’s just a fever, bad headache, aching, and a cough but it’s still super annoying. I got sick on Monday and I’m still a little sick today (Thursday) but I’m on the mend! We had to cancel my birthday party and sleepover so I’m hoping I get better soon so those things can happen!
  • Went dress shopping with some friends from my co-op and went out for dinner. then we had a sleepover. IT WAS SO FUN! So I go to a co-op and they do this thing called protocol, where (Idek how to explain it) basically the boys learn how to be gentlemen and the girls learn how to be ladies. Like the boys open doors, pull out seats, etc. It’s kind of awkward but I feel like it’s really a good thing to experience? Anyways, we have a protocol event in March. We’re going to go out for dinner, dressed up in fancy dresses (the dress code is formal) and we’re going to a murder mystery show/puzzle type thing? I don’t know but I’m super excited! So we went out shopping after school one day and it was really fun! I found TWO dresses in the time span of 30 minutes which is really impressive because usually I can’t find modest dresses but I found two! They’re both basically the same, they’re both black lace, but one has sleeves, and the other is a sleeveless and yeah. That’s the only difference 😂 I like the second one because the fabric is more soft and it’s more me, so I think that’s the one I’m going with! After buying my dress we went out to eat and we talked for a good hour and a half and ahhh it was really fun!
  • Went Krispy Kreme 3 times. My sister and I went to a weekly softball clinic with some of our best friends and after our clinic each week, we would stop by a Krispy Kreme. I’d only had Krispy Kreme once before but DUDE ITS GOOD. You walk into the shop and its so sweet smelling and you can see all the donuts being made and when the donuts get glazed, it looks so cool! Also, how do YOU spell donut? Doughnut or donut? I feel like doughnut is the correct spelling but I always spell it d-o-n-u-t. Let me know 🙂
  • Went to a Valentines day girls group. So I go to a girls group with girls from our church and this month, since it was Valentines, our topic was relationships. We met in this girls cabin, Her and her husband are newly married but they live in a tiny cabin that is the most adorable, cutest, coziest thing ever. It was so small and just cozy ahhhh it was like an air-b&b. We hung out, ate valentines day candy and snacks, had heart shaped pizza, played games, giggled a TON, and talked about our topic. It was definitely one of my favorite memories of this month, it was such a blessed time ❤️
  • Someone my dad knows landed a plane in a field near our house. It was a little plane but IT WAS SO COOL. The guy had a taildragger plane and he came in right as the sun was setting and landed and ahhh IT WAS AWESOME! My Dad and Mom had just left to go out for dinner and they were like 2 minutes away and my dad seen the plane fly over so he turned around, and raced back to our house. At first we thought the guy might not land because he flew by and was gone for like 10 minutes but then he came back in, going really slow and he floated down into the field. Let me repeat myself once more: IT WAS SO COOL!
  • Posted pretty consistently on my blog and for that I’m quite proud of myself. I posted 5+ times in February which is my goal so hopefully I can keep it up!
  • Had a Practice dinner for protocol (a co-op thing) which was super fun. We had a practice night for the protocol event and we went to Walmart and our group of 8 teens was split up and we went shopping and got stuff to make soft tacos. After, we went to one of my friend’s house and we made the food together, set the table, and just hung out. It was awkward having my seat pulled out and pushed in but The boy I was paired with joked around so it wasn’t as awkward and it was really fun. After eating, we all cleaned up together and then since my birthday was the next day, we had ice cream sundaes, they were so good. Then everyone sang Hbd to me and it was embarrassing but I survived xD. It was so much fun though!
  • Spring cleaned my room and moved all the furniture around. I decided to spring clean my room. I dont know why but I wanted too. So one night, I moved all my furniture out into the hall, and I started vacuuming. The next day I did touch up paint and wiped down the doors, trim, windows, and mirrors. Halfway through that day, I got sick with the sickness I was telling y’all about above and so my furniture sat in the Hall for 4 days instead of the one day it was supposed to. Sorry Mom and Dad ;). Also when I got sick, the only furniture left in my room was my bed because I couldn’t fit it out the door xD. Finally I’m getting better so I’m currently in the process of moving everything back in!
  • Received some stuff from a company that I’m gonna review and do a post on soon! I wrote to a company a couple months ago and I asked if they would be interested in collaborating with my blog. They sent me a package with a couple products to review so hopefully, I will get the post up soon!
  • Got tagged for a couple tags and didn’t do them so now I have concluded because all the real bloggers I know (and love :))) ❤️) say they’re late with all their tags. If you have tagged me and I haven’t done it yet, please forgive me, I’m going to try and do them in march!
  • Updated my sites look so it isn’t so basic? Check it on the site, its just the main page that I redid but I made a header and so i’m proud 🙂 Thoughts on the new design? I’m not much of a website designer as i’m new to this whole blogging thing so its definitely not the best but I like it!

Overall, February was a pretty good month, minus the sickness! I hung out with friends, did productive things and just had fun. I also cried, didn’t feel great, and ya know, all that great stuff but I try to look at the positive things so I had a good month!

OK! Now onto pictures!

Some of our clan, digging clams while the sun sets. I really really like silhouette pictures, especially when the sun shines through! Clamming was so fun and the weather was great the second day!

My sister helping my brother count his limit <<<3333

First clam caught! But alas, it was to little so we dropped it back in its hole and it got to go back out to sea or whatever clams do down there 😉 I really like the colors of this picture, how the water is all swirly and you can see the lights hitting it and making rainbows ❤

Leaving the beach and heading towards home maybe? or the hotel, I don’t remember xD I like the cozy vibes of this picture, mom and dad in the front, tired kids in the back, day old bag of cookies from a bakery on the dash, music playing softly…


We drove to town and about 5 miles away from the gas station my Mom says “Pray we make it, we’re on empty.” xD. Luckily, we made it and got gas but you better believe I was praying hard 😂

As you can see, I also ate a lot of good food this month. My computer was having issues uploading photos so I just put them all in a college so I can upload one photo vs. uploading 0 photos 🙂 Going from the top left to right I will explain them: tea, I’m still drinking quite a bit BUT COFFEE IS JUST BETTER TASTING. We got pizza when we went down to the ocean and oh my word it was so good. Papa Murphy’s is where it’s at people. Next is a Strawberry Lime lemonade thing from dutch bros, it was one of my birthday drinks and it was definitely one of my favorites! And it got bonus points bc they put a little tiny tootsie pop in the straw ❤ Middle row we have peppermint ice cream which = life ( I mean, have you had it?!? It’s the creamiest thing ever just YESSSSS) then we have chocolate chip pancakes which bring back memories of my childhood and are really yummy and then finally we have Chicken tenders and French fries, two of the best things in the world if you ask me. On the last row, we have a HUGE donut that my uncle and dad found in a little bakery, it took like 5 kids to devour that but it went fast 😉 Then we have a chocolate covered strawberry that was absolutely delicious. Man, they’re good! And last but not least, my fAnCy cousin and I drinking our cocoa out of wine glasses. It felt elegant 😉

Another college because it’s more time efficient. Starting again top left-to-right: The first picture is from when we were shopping for food for our protocol practice dinner, we were getting candy and ice cream and soda and avocados and cheese xD We got the off brand stuff because one of the boys kept arguing that it was WAY cheaper, which I’ll give to him, it was :D. And I’m fine with saving some money. Next, I HIT 500 LIKES! tysm guys, y’all are awesome <3! Top right is us at girls group, huddling. I don’t know why but we were tired and we decided to do a football huddle and yeah, it was fun xD. Moving onto the middle row, First: A cookie I decorated on V-day, Second: A coffee from my birthday and her handwriting is so pretty! Third: Me and Lynae eating popcorn at girls group. I think I ate almost half the bowl it was so good. I had raspberry chocolate drizzled on it and yummm it was so good! Last row, we have me reading Shakespeare in class! Last week I missed class but I think we were gonna read the last chapter so now we have to read the actual Shakespeare-y stuff so yikes. Next photo is just a photo of our road, heading up into the woods. And last but not least is a shaky blurry photo of trees and the power line, it looked semi-aesthetic 🙂

Same routine, you know it 😉 First we have a recent addition to my bujo: a vine page xD I was bored and I wanted to draw an avocado so ta-da, this page was born (okay that sounds weird) Next is a picture of my little sister looking at the plane in the field, it was so SO SO cool! Next is SCHOOL. WOO. Science is not my best subject, I’m not really enjoying it this year sadly. Moving right along, on the middle row first we have the table for our practice protocol dinner, it looked soooo nice! Following is a picture of Finn, my puppy who I love. He is so cuteee ❤ then comes a pic of me cleaning my room, I patched some little holes in my wall and repainted the wall, and it looks quite nice. Last row, we have first, another example of me taking too long on my science and making it look pretty xD. Then we have a picture of my journaling Bible, I seriously recommend getting one! They’re so fun and its really nice to be able to add your notes and thoughts of the passages! Last, we have a picture of Lynae shooting some hoops, ya know we play b-ball sometimes. Just kidding. It was like my third time playing and I’m definitely not going to start playing it as a sport. xD it was fun tho!

And thats all for today! Talk to me in the comments, How was your month? What are some of your favorite memories from this month? Have you ever went clamming? Do you love food? Let me know, I love comments 😉

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy March!!!

xx, Jasmin


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