Bea co. paper review ft. cute cards and postcards *jumps up and down*

Hello lovelies! How are you today? I hope you’re doing absolutely fabulous 🙂

Today, I’m back with another review and GUYS. These paper products, from Bea over at Beacopaper, have stolen my heart and I love them. They’re amazing, so cute and made of amazing quality! Read on to get my full opinion…

First off, we’ve got these lovely postcards! Postcards are my favorite, I love how simple these ones are and how minimalistic and gorgeous they are 🤩 All of the peach products from Bea’s shop are my favorites, and this peach postcard is no exception. The postcards themselves are made of really thick paper and don’t bend easily which is a big plus, especially since they don’t go in envelopes. Usually anyways 😉 AND THE DESIGNS 🥰

Simple and minimalistic but handy, here are the backs of the postcards! I like how they have lines for you to write the address, sometimes when the postcards don’t have those the writing gets crooked 😦

Bea also sent me this super cute and functional watermelon pin, which is adorable 🍉 Watermelon is so cute and so good to eat, just thinking about it makes me want some 😉 This pin would be really cute to stick in a watermelon themed pen-pal envelope, or on a cute backpack with a couple other pins pinned around it!

Next, we have these ADORABLE cards 🤩 I love cards because then you don’t have to write a whole letter, you can just fill up the card and not feel bad. ;)) Or if you have a lot to write, you can write smaller and fit a lot on the card. These cards are the perfect size in my opinion, I love them. Not too small and not too big.

As you can probably imagine, the peach one is my favorite, I love it. The cards are made of the same thick paper that the postcards are made of and they come with the cute brown envelopes which are so aesthetic! I love them 🙂

If you couldn’t tell, I adore these products and I highly recommend buying them. They are priced really reasonably and the quality is wonderful. Bea is also a dream to work with, she’s so sweet and shipped the products out so quickly! Overall I loved these ❤

Thats all for today! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Let me know if you’ve ever bought something from Bea’s shop, or if you plan too! I would recommend it 10/10 😉

Have a beautiful day and remember your wonderful and amazing ❤

x, Jasmin


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