The Small Joys tag *eeekkkkk another tag!!!*

Hey y'all. how are you? I'm fantastic 🙂 A couple days ago I was tagged by Liberty to do this tag and I was like YESSSS. I LOVE tags so much 😂 So thank you bunches for the tag, Liberty, it made my day xD The rules: Thank the blogger who tagged you!List 15 of… Continue reading The Small Joys tag *eeekkkkk another tag!!!*

Liebster award. the second time *eeeekkkkk another award!*

Hey y'all. Hows life? I'm good 🙂 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️❤️❤️ Today I'm back with another award! Thank you all so much for all the support and nominations and tags, I am sooooo thankful for all of you. You make my day with your sweet comments and I love reading all y'all's posts 💕 I… Continue reading Liebster award. the second time *eeeekkkkk another award!*

January 2020. *claps excitedly*

Hey guys! How have u been? I can NOT believe January (aka the first month of 2020) is almost over?! Like how?! It seems like it flew by but also like time passed sooooooo slowly xD. 2020 is now 1/12 of the way over *wipes away tears* Just kidding, but it's sad how quickly the… Continue reading January 2020. *claps excitedly*